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Week 33

Week 33

Week 33 has been reasonably quiet.

I got home from Jack Up The 8o’s quite late on Sunday evening. I was shattered, sore and sunbunrt!

I spent Monday just resting – I didn’t have much choice as my knees were agony and I could barely bend the right one! I even had to sleep with a pillow under it to support it.

It didn’t want to bend, but it didn’t want to straighten either, so I had to limp around with this knee that was sort of stuck in one place!

I called the doctor, but couldn’t get an appointment until Friday of next week!

First completed bobbin of handspun

On Tuesday, I sat waiting excitedly for my miniSpinner to arrive – it was a very exciting day!

I haven’t knit a thing since! All I have done is spin!!

It’s fab – even if I do feel a bit lazy for doing nothing but sitting there – and it’s fast too! I have spun 100g in just under a week, which would usually take me longer due to my knees.

I have ordered a bag from Amazon after seeing this one on the Ravelry boards. Yes, it did come with a bag, but the provided bag is just a canvas bag – there are no pockets to store bits and pieces in and everything is just chucked in together! This one has pockets so I can put the mS and fibre in the main compartment, while the foot pedal, battery & cables, Lazy Kate & maintenance kit get distributed around the pockets.

Mum has also ordered me an Ogle Designs Lazy Kate as a late birthday present!

I did my first big order from Pets At Home on Thursday as we’re low on chinchilla food and Isis food is down to the last two bags – it’s the first time I’ve ordered from them as I used to go by car and I’m a bit disappointed that it takes about four days for delivery. The chinchillas will have a feast when it finally arrives!

Sara called me Thursday morning and asked if I could cover that afternoon – I was a bit worried about my knee as it was still giving me loads of trouble, but I went in anyway; I caught the bus there and Alex came to meet me to walk back as I decided to not go to Stitch & Bitch that night.

Walking home was – obviously – a bit stupid and I was in loads of pain. So, on Friday, I caught the bus to work and phoned for an emergency appointment with a doctor.

I got a 12 o’clock appointment which meant I had to leave work at 11.30 instead of 1 o’clock and I caught the bus (which was bloody late) up the road.

The doctor diagnosed tendinitis flare up with mild effusion – that’s fluid on the knee to you and me (I had to look it up!), he prescribed another box of diclofenac, told me to take the dihydrocodeine or paracetamol with it and keep resting it as I have!

So, on Saturday, I called Sara at work and told her that I wasn’t up to going in for four hours (the first two consist of me sorting stuff and going up and down stairs), but I would go in to cover the two hours on the till – I prefer working on the till anyway!

She was quite happy with that and the rest has done me good, I have more movement that I had a week ago and it doesn’t hurt quite as much, but it does still hurt a bit and I am pretty fed up with all the pain!

I had a self-assessment form come through from the Pain Management clinic this week, I filled it in and sent it off. I’m not feeling optimistic about it – I’ve already done one pain management course, I was in the first one on the Island. It didn’t do much. If you had a good day, it was called progress and if you reverted back to normal, it was called a flare. He just couldn’t accept that his program didn’t help everyone! One guy there had had part of his shoulder removed and no amount of physio was going to make movement any easier for him – he stopped coming after the first month.

I won’t spend another six months travelling to something twice a week that won’t help – I simply don’t have the energy to do it!

I’m not sure what else there is that I could do though….

Journal Pages

Oh, in case you’re wondering what I’m holding in the first pic: it’s journal pages!

I originally planned to keep a journal in an A5 that Claire gave me for Christmas, but I just couldn’t be bothered to dig it out everytime I wanted it and I wanted the pages to be with my planner pages.

I don’t write a lot in a journal – most of it is here on my blog, which I class more as a journal than a way of telling people things; you lot just happen to be people who snoop in my journal ­čśë – but every now and then, I feel the urge to actually write things down.

So, I decided to use the paper in my filofax to do so and when I do, those pages get inserted into the week they go with.

I tend to write the journal pages on different coloured paper so they’re easier to see and they also get decorated with tape and stickers.

I’d love to really decorate my planner like I see on Instagram and Facebook, but I’m not really that creative and can never think what to do – and I never remember to at the beginning of the week, so I just chuck a sticker in here and there when I think about it LOL

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  • I really don’t PLAN a week’s spread. It just sort of develops as it goes, and I think I prefer it that way!.. Sorry to hear about your knees. Hope the docs can do something for you to make them feel better soon!

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