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Week 3

If you live in the UK, it can hardly have escaped your notice that it snowed last week!

It started at 5am on Friday morning and snowed for most of the day! I woke to a gorgeous scene outside my bedroom window – it looked just like a Christmas card!

I was  so excited, I filled the whole day with the word SNOW in my filofax!

Week 3

The rest of the week was busy too!

On Tuesday, I met up with Rosanna at Rosanne’s in Gosport and we spent the day getting our quilts started.

Mine is a hexagon base surrounded by triangles and squares, I had a few false starts but I’m well under way now.

At the moment, it’s all the same, but I’m going to run out of material before I have a decent enough sized quilt – it’s going to be a lap quilt for my mother – so I’ll have to add complimenting stuff in around it soon!

This whole sewing thing has completely overwhelmed me actually!

I have always hated sewing! Yes, you read correctly – I hate sewing! I never took up the kids trousers and rarely sewed on a missing button. I just hated it!

But the idea of making a quilt has been knocking around in my brain for ages, I kept fobbing it off, telling it I had too much knitting and spinning to do – but I kept buying fabric on the sly.

Not a lot! In the past year or so, I’ve accrued enough fabric to stuff into a large carrier bag.

I kept ignoring the growing stash….can so little amount of fabric be called a stash? I think not, more a stashette!

Anyway, I kept ignoring it and concentrating on my knitting.

This year, one of my goals/resolutions was to work on my fibre stash – that truly is a stash! – and spin some of it up! I’ve been very good and bought hardly any fabric at all last year, but I’ve still got loads as I keep letting my knitting distract me!

This year, I have been asked to knit two things – my daughter’s boyfriend adores her skull bag and has offered to pay me to make him one. I know that’ll take at least a month (but it won’t be started until he pays me a deposit). I’ve also taken over knitting a stole for Claires mum, it’s not huge, but it’s in Kidsilk Haze – which makes Claire itch – and I quite like Kidsilk Haze so I said I would do it and that’s due in June!

So, why am I so intent on knitting? I seem to be one of those people that whatever I start doing on any given day – is what I seem to work on for the rest of the day!

I love knitting, but I know that the pain in my wrists and elbows is due to RSI from knitting so much and it wouldn’t hurt me to take a break from it.

Other than the two projects I’ve listed above, I don’t need to knit anything by a specific deadline – so I shouldn’t feel guilty about abandoning my knitting to play with fabric…right?

Right….I’ll keep telling myself that LOL!

I have spent the last two days concentrating on this sewing malarky, I’ve sewed new buttons onto Alex’s leather coat – I was very proud of myself until we realised that I should have left a gap behind the buttons so that the buttonhole can actually get in behind the button. But it does do up and sewing it without a thimble was hell so I’m not redoing it!


I’ve also been working on this quilt for Mum! I’ve already learned a few things – the best way to assemble it seems to be to sew the squares to the hexagon and then sew the triangles in.

I also had a duh moment; for some reason I assembled the first round (bottom left) holding the wrong sides of the fabric together – then I clicked that it looks so much neater if you hold the right sides of the fabric together!

Yeah, you’d think – as a knitter – I’d know that!

I’m really enjoying making this, but I must admit; the slowness of the sewing is driving me a bit batty! I want to zoom it all together on the sewing maching and then show it off!

I think once this is assembled, I’ll hand quilt it too – I asked on twitter and most people seem to prefer doing it that way; manipulating a ruddy great quilt through a sewing machine is hard work apparently!

I think I shall just back my quilts with a fleecey lining – no wadding – as that way; they can be chucked in the washing machine.

To me, being able to wash it is vital! Mum has three cats and they all shed, Isis sheds like it’s going out of fashion. Besides, when snuggled under quilts; people get hot and sometimes sweaty.

It needs to be cleanable!!!

Sakura Layer Cake

On Wednesday, I drove to Barkingside to visit Claire. We had a quick cuppa before heading out to shops! We had a good nose around a couple of fabric shops and I bought a gorgeous bundle of fabric! It’s a brand new range and I fell for it immediately!

It’s called Sakura – which is apparently Japanese for Cherry Blossom – and it’s by Moda.

I splurged and bought a Layer Cake and a Jelly Roll to match! I already know what this quilt is going to look like!!

Claire bought the felt and buttons that I later attached to the owl cushion and she also gave me a huge bag of stuffing – I like the fact that my owl cushion is a collaboration between me, Helen and Claire!

We had lunch and wandered a bit more then we went to see Claire’s mum!

Claire showed me a quilt she made with her mum when she was a kid and promptly decided she was going to take it home with her!

We discussed the stole that Claire is supposed to be making for her mother to take on a cruise in June and that’s when I offered to do it instead.

Then we headed back to Claires for more tea and to pick up the pattern, yarn and owl stuffing before heading off to a Chinese restaurant to meet Steve for dinner!

I had a great day with Claire and I’m hoping that she and I will be able to meet up about once a month or so.

I do know that Claire went back to the quilting shop and bought me and her a charm pack to match the Layer Cake and Jelly Roll – I can’t wait to start assembling that quilt, but she’s refusing to send it to me until I’ve finished Mum’s quilt – that has to be done by April – as she knows I’ll abandon Mum’s to work on the Sakura one LOL

Owl Cushion

On Thursday, I finished my owl cushion and he’s already been stolen by Jess, he’s currently living on the sofa in the lounge making the place look very pretty!

I did zigzag stitch around the eye mask, the beak, the ears, the feathers and the wings – I believe that’s called open appliqué – then I hand sewed the green felt and added the buttons.

I then packed as much stuffing as possible into him before sewing him shut – in total he weighs about 355g and is about a foot high!

I would like to have kept him, but Jess didn’t really give my any say in the matter LOL.

I went to Stitch & Bitch in Ikea on Thursday evening, but I left early as I was worried it was going to snow and I didn’t want to be stranded in Southampton!

The radio predicted the snowfall would start at 5am and it did! By the time we all woke; there was a good 3-4 inches on the ground.

We bundled ourselves up and went out to play!

Isis loved it!! She actually pulled me all the way to Woodley Green and when I let her off; she went bonkers!

She lept over and through the snow, skidded about and got so covered that the snow actually froze solid to her fur and she couldn’t bend her front legs.

It was rather hysterical – she looked like she was wearing a plaster cast on both front legs – but she had a great time! I took a quick video, but it was really hard as she wouldn’t stay still!

I thought she’d be freezing, but she wasn’t at all. I had to put her in the shower when I got her home though to defrost the snow that was preventing her from moving properly.

I was supposed to go to guild on Saturday, but it was cancelled due to the weather :-( so I went to Iceland to get groceries instead!

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