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Week 26

Here is this weeks picture:

Week 26

Wimbledon started this week so I put aside all my knitting projects so Claire and I could start Color Affection and I’ve got quite a bit done over the week.

I’ve managed to do a little bit of spinning each evening as well. Once Wimbledon is finished, I shall (try and) spin exclusively for the Tour de Fleece.

Kyle in Mamma Mia

On Tuesday, I went over to the Island for the day; my oldest son was in a production of Mamma Mia – he played Bill – and I wanted to see it.

It was put on by the centre he goes to for young disabled adults.  He was very good, they all were.

It was a long day though, I caught the bus at around 7.30am from Romsey and I didn’t get back again until past midnight. I was exhausted!

I looked after Oscar and Dexter on Wednesday as Debs was in a meeting all day.

On Thursday, I left for Woolfest.

I travelled by train to Cannock, where I met up with Claire and Steve and Steve drove us the rest of the way.

We stayed with Kaz and her husband, Tony, at their house in Maryport. It’s only about 8 miles away from Woolfest, which was quite handy.


It was great, as usual, but I was shocked at the reduction in my own mobility – I was absolutely shattered. I found it hard to walk round and by the end of Saturday; I was in absolute agony!

My feet were really bad, as were my ankles – so I obviously aggravated the Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, but the back of my knees felt like they were going to explode too.  I spent most of the weekend feeling quite nauseous – a combination of travel sickness and pain, unfortunately.

Claire also struggled and due to this, we have decided that – unless we both see a dramatic improvement – we won’t be going again next year :(

I bought a bag from Laalbear and two row counter stitch markers off the Easyknits stall. I managed to resist temptation at DKFeltStudioUK‘s stall (my weakness!) and John Arbon’s stall – although I’m regretting not buying the baby alpaca roving he was doing; that would’ve been like spinning clouds! I also bought a Yarn Pal from Ripplescrafts.

Naturally, we took our filofaxes and I got a shot of them with Natalie‘s filofax on her stall LOL.

I saw two garments that I liked and got the names for the pattern – one was a mitred square cardigan that lookd really effective and the other was a ginormous shawl that I’m going to need a LOT of yarn for!

It was lovely to see everyone – especially Kaz and Amber as they have both recently had surgery. Neither of them should’ve been there, really; they should’ve been home resting

But, I don’t think wild horses would’ve kept either of them away!

Traffic going up and coming back was diabolical! There had been an accident on the motorway and everyone slows down for a good nosey; this causes tailbacks that last for hours!

We spent about ten hours on the road coming back on Sunday – a journey that should’ve taken about 8!

Naturally, I didn’t go to bed until about 3am and I had to be up at 7am as I had a doctor’s appointment at 9….but that’s next weeks post 😉

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