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Week 25

This week’s pic:

Week 25

On Sunday, I didn’t really do much – I was at home although Claire’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary…can you imagine living with the same person for 50 years! Wow!!!

Doctor Card

The beginning of the week was quite quiet for me, I didn’t really do much – spent most of it at home – on Thursday I worked in the morning, I wasnt going to originally  but Jess moaned so I went in.

I had told Sara, my boss, that I wouldnt be in as Thursday was my birthday, I knew she had written it down and they threw a little surprise birthday party for me…complete with a (modified) card!

Then went off to Southampton.

We traded in our xbox 360 at Game, they gave us quite a good deal and I had enough to buy a preowned Nintendo 3DS and game that Alex wanted. We also added Jess and Adam to the tenancy agreement as they’re both over 18.

Then I went to S&B, when I got home, I showed Jess how to crochet; It’s her boyfriends birthday soon and she wants to make him a penguin like Lady Penelope…she gave it a good go and knows what she has to do, but she needs to work on her tension before she can make a decent toy.

Of course, that’ll probably never happen – she gave up with knitting declaring it as frustrating because her tension wasn’t perfect immediately!

On Friday, Rachel and Roger popped in for a visit before heading off to visit family ‘oop norf’ – it was lovely to see them and I wish I could see them more.

Then a Virgin Media workman came round – we’ve been experiencing major issues with our on demand TV and our internet and it’s been a right farce! I spent ages on the phone before they told me there was a fault, then they told me I had to call them back after 48 hours.  Naturally, when I tried; there was a problem with their telephone service.

I bitched about it on twitter and they told me to fill out a form, which I did….then I got an error message when I tried to send it!

I went ballistic at this point and said lots of rude things on twitter, so was asked to email them instead.

On Wednesday, I got a call from a chap at Virgin Media who told me he’d spent the entire day working on my case, they fixed the fault at their end, but when they sent a pulse to my system – something was wrong.

So, an engineer was booked for the very next day and, I was told, if the problem wasn’t fixed; I could leave my contract with no penalty.

Turns out, when I had it all installed, the input to my property was too high (which would cause similar problems) so they installed a reducer to the equipment.  At some point after the installation, the input dropped and gave us all these issues.

The reducer has now been removed and we have been told to ‘test the hell’ out of our On Demand service and see if it works!

On Saturday, Amber had knee surgery – can’t wait to see her at Woolfest and hopefully; she’ll be in a lot less pain!!

Lotsa yarn

Crafting went like this:

  • Sunday – Decimal
  • Monday – Bag
  • Tuesday – Sylvi
  • Wednesday – Flavya
  • Thursday – Socks
  • Friday – Kid Seta
  • Saturday – Socks (again) and a bit of spinning

I have finished all the plying of the stuff for Claire and I have washed and rewound it.  I got over 2000m of 3 ply yarn, so there’s more than enough for Claire and I to make a shawl each.

The picture doesn’t do it justice unfortunately, it’s very sparkly!

Wimbledon starts tomorrow and all crafting schedules will cease while Claire and I start Color Affection.

I also get to ‘hammer the hell’ out of my On Demand 😉

Alex would like me to tell you; he* just killed a fly!

*WE killed it…..with fire!


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