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Week 24

This weeks picture:

Week 24

So, on Sunday, Jess went to stay at Sams on the Island. Adam was supposed to be going to visit his family too, but they cancelled.

On Monday, I was supposed to meet up with Janey, but I was just so tired after last week that I had to cancel on her.

Jess was home on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Matt turned 20 and he came over with Vicky and my Mum.  I caught the bus into Southampton (as Mum doesn’t know the way here) to meet them and we did a bit of shopping before all coming back here for dinner and cake.

I had a lovely day and I really enjoyed seeing them – it’s days like those that I realise how much I miss them!

On Thursday, I sent a card to Claire’s parents who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this weekend and I worked in the afternoon – it was a very slow afternoon and we didn’t get a lot of people in the shop.

On Friday, Jess went to Sams again, Adam got a new iPhone, Janey had knee replacement surgery and I had a weird chest pain.

I’d just been out for a walk with Isis. It wasn’t a longer walk than usual and I didn’t overdo it, it was just a nice walk while she sniffed every blade of grass and I listened to an audio book.

I got home and was standing talking to Alex when I had a stitch like pain under my left breast, I pressed on my ribs (which is what I usually do) but the pain got worse and quickly. I said “OW!” and sat on the sofa and leaned forward.

The pain got so intense, it bought tears to my eyes – I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack.

20 seconds later; it was gone and I felt absolutely fine – apart from a headache!

All dolled up & ready to go

I phoned the doctor next day to get an appointment but the first one available isn’t until 1st July!

Saturday was my 4th anniversary from when I first spun on a spinning wheel so I celebrated by giving Sherry The Cherry a spa session; I wiped her down, cleaned all the oil off, treated her wood with Woodbeams and reoiled her. She’s such a gorgeous colour now and positively glows when I use Woodbeams on her.

She’s now all ready for the Tour de Fleece which starts on 29th June.

I also worked for a couple of hours on Saturday morning.

So, crafting this week was a little different as I wanted to get the fibre on the wheel finished as it’s for Claire and I want to deliver it to her at Woolfest next weekend.

  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all about finishing the spinning and plying
  • Tuesday evening – Kid Seta
  • Wednesday – Socks
  • Thursday – Flavya
  • Friday – Bag
  • Saturday – Sylvi


I didn’t get to work on Decimal as I spent extra time on the spinning, but I’ll do extra work on it next week as I now have a free day.

I did a bit of Filofax reorganisation too – I have a lot of lists, I make lists for everything. Then I had this idea, I removed all my lists and used PostIt notes instead.

I actually saved myself some space doing this and all the PostIt notes are on a flyleaf – I’ve staggered the placement and written their titles down the side so I can see each lists location at a glance.

I’ve also removed my highlighter pens from the back pocket and put some stickers in there instead which has made it a lot less bulky.

I am going to add address pages back in though, I prefer having them written down in there, even though they’re already in my iPhone!

I love having everything to hand in my iPhone, but the cloud seems to be a bit temperamental with me and I’ve had contacts and appointments disappear – so I like everything backed up to my Filofax now.

How was your week?

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