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Week 23

This weeks picture:

Week 23

On Monday, I went to the doctor; I’ve been experiencing chronic pain in both feet when I stand up, mostly under the heels but the pain goes right up to the knees. He diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis with mild tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. He gave me some ibuprofen and some paracetamol and referred me to physiotherapy.

If I take the maximum dose; I’ve got enough ibuprofen for 8 days and enough paracetamol for 2! It takes up to 18 weeks to be seen after a referral! Good thing I’ve already got some medication.

On Wednesday, I went to work. But, instead of doing my usual sorting of the haberdashery, I shadowed Richard on the till. We had a great day and it was loads of fun.

Spinning on the miniSpinner

This meant that on Thursday, I worked an afternoon shift on the till on my own. It was fun again and I really enjoyed it.

I went straight from work to S&B, caught the bus and spent the whole journey overheating and feeling massively travel sick, I just kept repeating to myself ‘don’t be sick, don’t be sick’ until I got to Southampton and could get off the bus!

Thankfully, Jane gave me a lift home!

On Friday, I went to visit Bex to have a play on her miniSpinner, to confirm that I did like it and I did want one. It was also to see if I could spin lace on the Woolee Winder. Well, I had no problem there and it was very easy to use!

So, I’m not going to get the lace flyer, which will save me about $249, but I will add the maintenance kit at $29 instead.

I’m sorely tempted to go for one in an exotic wood, which will add $300 back onto the price, but as everyone has said – get it to match Sherry The Cherry!

I’ve already got the battery as I destashed some fabric to Helen when she came over and she ordered me the battery to pay for the fabric and I’ve used it to charge my phone – it’s so cool that it does that!

On Saturday, I was supposed to work in the afternoon, but I got a call at 9.30 from a panicked Sara asking if I could do the whole day as Fran had called in sick – that’s the trouble with your boss liking you; she calls you first when there’s a problem.

It was Woodley Fun Day on Saturday afternoon, which Jess and Alex went to – they said it was good fun and enjoyed it.

Adam very kindly stayed at home and looked after Isis and Oscar and Dexter who were here for the afternoon while Debs and Bry went to a service in Chichester.

I was absolutely shattered when I got home; I haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks and I was amazed at how hard it was sitting at a till all day.

I’ve also got a very moody fluffy puppy as I have been out every day since Wednesday – so she spent most of last night sitting next to me on the sofa. I’m going to take her for a nice walk later then refuse to move for the next few days!

Crafting went like this:

  • Sunday – I spun all day
  • Monday – Decimal
  • Tuesday – Kid Seta
  • Wednesday – Sylvi
  • Thursday – Socks
  • Friday – Bag
  • Saturday – Flavya

I didn’t get a lot done of the Flavya as I was just too tired, but even a couple of rows is progress!

How was your week?

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