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This week….and last week too!

Tut, not very good at this weekly blogging thing, am I?

Anyway, week 20:

Week 20

On Monday, I went to Eastleigh with Alex to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

If you haven’t yet seen this; GO!!!

It is a fab film, they did a really good job of keeping a few things secret and it was full of emotion. It’s a great film for both fans and people new to the Star Trek world.

I came out of there wanting to go straight back in and see it again! Even Alex enjoyed it and he’s not really a fan of Star Trek.

On Tuesday, I went to the dentist to have my crown cut down, moulds taken and a temporary crown fitted.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday and went to Stitch & Bitch on Thursday evening.

I was supposed to go to the hospital on Friday, but that got moved to the following Monday.


Week 21:

Week 21

I’ve changed it a bit – I put everything in its own little box now – I saw a picture of someone else’s Filofax on Facebook and she’d done it this way; so I’m stealing the idea!

Have a drink!

On Sunday, I went to Jilly’s for a tea party to celebrate her 50th birthday.

I felt a bit out of place as I didn’t know anyone there at first, but Jilly and her husband, Mark, did their best to make me feel welcome. Then Dawn arrived so I had someone to speak to while we munched on cake. Ilana and Cecelia turned up shortly after, but Dawn and I left around 4 o’clock.

Dawn and her husband kindly gave me a lift home.

But, it was a good party and I think Jilly had fun!

On Monday, I started a new system with my crafting. I have – currently – six knitting projects and one spinning project that I’m trying to work on and I’m getting nowhere fast.

That’s seven projects, I decided it would make sense to work on a different project each day and to write down what I’ve worked on so I remember!

So, on Monday, I did a bit of spinning and I finished Kaleidoscope (I’ve written it sideways in Monday), Tuesday I worked on some socks, Wednesday I worked on Kid Seta, Thursday was Sylvi, Friday was Flavya and Saturday was my rollator bag.

As I work on each project, I write it in on the day and I cross it off the list at the end of the week.

It’s working well so far – I just hope I can stick to it. Although, I know the system will halt when Wimbledon starts as I’m planning a KAL with Claire and then immediately after that I shall be spinning for the Tour de Fleece.


I did finish Kaleidoscope this week – it needs buttons, but I’m calling it finished!

On Monday, I went to the spinal clinic for an assessment. The guy was very nice, but has basically said my problem is classic Chronic Pain Syndrome and has now referred me to the pain clinic.

On Friday, I did lots of housework and baked a cake as Claire, Steve, Debs & Bry all came over on Saturday!

Claire and Steve got caught in traffic and were on the road for over five hours, poor things! They bought their strimmer over so I could get Alex and Adam to cut the lawns and Alex played Assassin’s Creed 2 so they could watch.

That week looked really busy, but it wasn’t – I just made notes about everything LOL.

How was your week?

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