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The Good, The Bad and Wonderwool Wales!

Last weekend was Wonderwool!

I left here on Thursday to go to Claire’s. I stayed in the camper outside hers on Thursday night and we left for Wales the next day.

It was about five hours of driving to get us there and because we were helping out on the Interactive Area, we could stay in the Exhibitors camping area – thankfully, they had a hard standing area as it was raining!

We parked up for the night and then went for dinner in the local Little Chef with Eve.

We decided an early night was in order as we had to get up early the next morning to help set up.

We kept the heater running on low all night as it was quite cold and damp, it was dark and quiet so we got quite a good nights sleep.

It was still raining the following morning and it was cold!

We spent most of the day chatting with friends and complaining about the cold, but it was a good day!

The following day was even colder and wetter – we heard rumours that there had been snow in North Wales – it was so cold that Amber closed the Interactive Area at 3pm!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold!

The good: it was a great weekend, I was so happy to see a lot of my friends again (some I haven’t seen for two years since I last attended Wonderwool) and the Interactive Area raised over £850 for the Royal Welsh Air Ambulance!

The bad: Someone decided they loved the yarns that my dear friend Laalbear sold, that they just had to have them – obviously they couldn’t pay though and she was robbed of quite a bit in yarn, approximately £200 retail value.

This shocks me – at one end of the showground, we had generous knitters who donated magazines, yarn and fibre for us to sell for a charitable cause and reaffirmed that the knitting community is a fabulous one, but at the other end of the building; someone – from that same fabulous community  – ruins a perfectly wonderful weekend by stealing!

I really really hope that this was no one I personally know and I really hope this isn’t someone on Ravelry as they don’t want to cross paths with me or everyone who has since found out about this!

We left Wonderwool early and went to visit Pip who lives in a fab little cottage in Wales with a gorgeous woodburner stove right in the centre of her lounge.

She was kind enough to offer us dinner (which was gratefully received) and somewhere warm to sleep for the night.  We were initially going to stay, but then decided to push on so we could both get home a day early.

We arrived back at Claire’s by midnight – she, more or less, fell out of the van and Steve ushered her up to bed while I found a flat place to park, took Isis (who hadn’t enjoyed the weekend much) for a quick walk, then back to the van for sleep!

The following day was beautiful – which felt like a bit of a slap in the face really lol – and we heard that the weather had been so severe up in Wales that the showground had been restricting the amount of people who could leave due to trees on the road in one direction and a car in a ditch (which we passed on the way to Pips) in the other! I was very thankful that we had left Wonderwool early after hearing that!

All in all, it was a good weekend, but we would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if we had been warmer – or if I’d remembered to take a coat!

If the weather is the same next year; I’m not going!!

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