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I’ve been a bit worried about Star, she hasn’t eaten for the past three weeks – that’s longer than Albert goes and he’s fully grown!

This week, I decided to try and feed her first without having the other two out dividing my attention.


I got her out of the viv and took her into the lounge, at first she wasn’t interested in the mouse I offered her, until I touched it to her nose and she realised it was wet – she sucked the moisture off the mouse and then ate it.

I was glad she ate – she’d lost loads of weight since last week and was obviously dehydrated.

I was concentrating on her and asked Alex to fill the viv water bowl as she was obviously thirsty.

He called me out to the viv immediately.

Looks like we’ve found the cause of her sudden weight loss!

She was sitting on nine eggs!

The clutch probably won’t survive – I’ve heard that first clutches usually don’t. Also, I read after I’d moved them that you shouldn’t turn them; some of them were turned when I moved them and one egg is obviously a dud.

But, I’ve put them in a small vented box on the heat mat to keep them warm.  I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do or not, I guess I’ll found out in a few months!

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