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Summer Holiday!

My mum and I have gone away for a month in our campervan – our destination?


I’ll update every few days if possible.



Sunday 6th May
We were booked on the 11.15am out of Lymington as we’d decided to visit the New Forest on our way.
We arrived in Lymington in time to catch the 10.15 instead – we had a great day driving around and looking at all the ponies.
We headed for Frome as Mum wants to visit Longleat House tomorrow.
Monday 7th May
We had a nice quiet night in Frome then we headed down to Longleat House – we debated the safari park, but as Mum said; “You’ve seen one lion, you’ve seen them all!” so we didn’t bother.
Isis had to stay in the van so I made her a nest out of my bed to keep her warm while we went in.
The house was very pretty with lots of pretty shit inside – the sort of thing you get in any country house, I suppose.  The only difference is; the Lord of Bath actually lives in Longleat!
We wondered around for a few hours then had a quick look around the grounds – there wasn’t much in the way of gardens so, as the sun had came out, we had a quick ice cream then left.
Wednesday 9th May
We made it up to Morecambe on Tuesday evening so went to visit Ambermog and her hubby – they gave us a gorgeous beef stew for dinner then I had a wonderful evening spinning and chatting.
I also got to do a stretchy cast on of 569 stitches to save Ambers hands after she realised she’d made a mistake on a Swirl Jacket she’s making lol.
This morning, we were given a lovely cooked breakfast before setting off. We visited Morecambe seafront – amazing place – shopped in Aldi and then set off for the Lake District.
We stopped a few times for walks with Isis then pulled in for the night next to the Derwentwater Hotel in Portinscale – there’s a little dead end road down there that’s perfect for campervans!
Thursday 10th May
It has rained ALL day, it rained all night too :( I’m very pissed off with the constant rain – especially as it kept me awake all night (the noise of it hitting the roof!).
I also spent the night dealing with a back in spasm, I’m in a lot of pain but trying not to tell Mum just how bad it is because I don’t want her to worry….nor do I want her to coddle me!
We’ve made it to Stow in Scotland, we stopped off in Carlisle to shop at Tesco and discovered we were just down the road from my friend Karen, so we popped round to say hi.
Karen was fabulous enough to fill all my water bottles (approx 23L worth) AND let me empty the camper loo into hers!
We decided to drive along the A7 – which is very pretty, but doesn’t give you many places to park up; they’re all open and exposed which is not want you want when it’s cold and windy!

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