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Some stuff I sewed!

So, I still have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine – it only seems to co-operate after I’ve slagged it off to everyone. Then it acts like butter wouldn’t melt in it’s mouth and sews flawlessly!

Alex…or Sideshow Bob?

But, we worked – somewhat argumentatively – this week to create a headband for Alex’s dreads.


Because his dreads are new, he’s rocking the Sideshow Bob look at the moment and refused to come out for a  walk with me LOL

So I had a go at making a headband – it’s not perfect, but I think I know what to do to fix it 😀

I do plan to make several more too as I only have one and I think wearing one will be cooler in the summer!

I was recently chatting to Amber – turns out we’ve both bought an iPhone 5 in the past week!

I thought about it a lot! I really hated my Samsung Galaxy S2, there was nothing wrong with it, I just couldn’t get on with it! I’m not due to upgrade until the end of November and I don’t really want to take out another expensive contract just to get a decent phone.

So, I bought a sim free iPhone 5 from the Apple store and transferred over to it! I’ll keep this contract going and then when it’s renew time; I shall just switch to a sim only contract for less than half of what I’m paying now! I sold our old computer, the Samsung AND my combs and have paid off half of the iPhone 5 in the process!

The phone is seriously lovely! But it really shows the finger prints and because I plan on this one lasting a while; I want to keep it as pristine as possible.

So I started hunting for a sock for it…but I didn’t really like any that I found and I wanted one that would clean the screen every time I slid the phone in or out.

iPhone 5 in it’s case

Then, I thought I may as well make one!

As with all my sewing; it’s not perfect, but I think I know how I could improve it – maybe next time 😉

It took all day, but I made a few mistakes on the way.

I took lots of photos (click them to make them bigger – they will open in a separate window!) though so that I could do it again if I wanted too and in case any of you might want to make one too!

I specifically wanted one with a microfiber lining, a tight fit and no seams showing. I couldn’t find a tutorial out there which is why I took all these pics…in case that’s what you wanted too.

So, to start – make sure you measure LOTS!!! Seriously, I didn’t use a ruler so I have no idea how much fabric I used, I just grabbed some scraps from making the headband and wrapped it around the phone LOL

I ordered a microfiber cloth from eBay – I managed to get two for about £2. One cloth wrapped very snugly around the phone.

Cut some lightweight wadding to the same size as the microfiber cloth/lining.

Wrap it around the phone lengthways and pin at the top of the phone (assuming the top of the phone is the top of the sock).

Wadding and microfiber lining

You want this to be as tight as possible around the phone!

I didn’t pin up the side, I left the phone in the pocket while I sewed up the long side (that’s why you have a pin at the top; to stop it sliding out!). Sew all down the open side and around the corner – you must leave an inch un-sewed at the bottom of the phone/pocket!

Snug fit!

Next, trim the seams and don’t forget the corners (you do a diagonal cut across the corners), if you can stand your iron – no, I don’t get on with the iron either – press your seams open.

Now, get your outside fabric and wrap it around the pocket (still with phone inside). Place your fabric with the Right Side/Outside/The bit you will want to see against the wadding and pin it nice and tight. I placed the lining seam and the outer fabric seams on opposite sides of the pocket to make it less bulky.

Coming together

Sew along the bottom and up the side.

You should now have an outer fabric – with the wrong side of the fabric outermost – wrapped around a pocket with a phone in it!

Remove outer fabric and phone from where they are. Put phone to one side. Turn lining about so the wadding is on the inside of the pocket.

Now slide the pocket inside the outer fabric pocket (which should still be inside out). Line up the top of the pockets and sew a seam.

Pocket Sandwich

Yes, I hand-stitched this pouch (my sewing machine tried to eat it!)

Once that seam is finished, you have to turn it all around! You have to pull the inner pocket out of this sock, so it looks like this:

Turning it all around

Still with me? Good!

Now, poke the outer fabric inside the sock all the way out of the hole you left at the bottom of the sock!

You will need to enlarge this to see it properly

See, the skulls and roses poking out?

Keep pulling on that outer fabric until the whole thing has been turned the other way out.

You should now have the right side of the outer fabric and the microfiber lining facing you, with an open seam at the short side of the microfiber.

Tuck that seam inside and whip stitch it closed:

Whip those stitches!

Mine’s a bit tatty :)

Now, poke the inside pocket into the outer fabric – I used the handle end of a metal crochet hook to get the corners down.

Slide your phone in to stretch the pocket to shape.

You could do a line of stitching around the top seam to stop sliding if you so desired.

I have a bulk of fabric at the bottom of my lining, which is why my phone doesn’t slide all the way in, I guess I should have trimmed more fabric off!

But, you should now have a sock that fits, very snugly, around your phone and due to the microfiber lining; it’ll clean your fingerprints off every time you slide the phone in or out!!!

Hope this works and is clear enough.

Any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them :)

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