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So….I know I haven’t blogged much – been dealing with the pregnancy and life in general.

I am now 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I am suffering from sciatica and restless leg syndrome. The whole pregnancy has been very different than what I’m used to!

When I fell pregnant with Kyle, Matt, Jess & Alex; I had no symptoms other than a missed period. I didn’t get sore breasts or morning sickness – nothing. I sailed through the entire pregnancy with each one!

I knew I was pregnant with this one before I even missed my period! I sat up one morning and my breasts were really sore! I even had a negative pregnancy test! I had to take another test a week later.

I suffered with nausea (the only time I was sick was during a migraine) for 14 weeks! It was awful, I woke up feeling sick, I felt sick if I ate, if I didn’t eat – nothing helped! All I wanted to do was sleep!!

I started to show really early too – by 12 weeks I already had a bump and I started to feel movement around the same time!

Over the past 38 weeks, I have really noticed the changes in my body – something I never noticed with the others.

He’s a very active baby too, I feel movement through the day pretty much constantly – sometimes, it’s even painful!!

The Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) has been the worst thing to deal with though. Imagine being completely exhausted and going to snuggle in bed, but the minute you lie down; you feel this pressure building up in your hips and if you don’t keep your lower legs constantly moving: your leg will spasm so hard, it sets the sciatica raging! It feels like your body is betraying you.

I have sat for 4-5 hours rocking on the edge of our bed willing it to go away – then 20 minutes after I fall asleep; I need to get up for the loo….my visits to the loo are now around every 45 minutes throughout the night! Sometimes I can get back into bed and go straight back to sleep, but sometimes the RLS starts up again and keeps me awake. I’ve found its worse if I allow my lower body to get cold!

Some nights I can sleep on my left side (which is supposed to be better for the baby), but 99% of the time lying on my left makes it hard to breathe. So I’ve spent 9 months trying to sleep on my right side.

The past few days have felt different again – I’m having all the classic approaching labour signs; opening my bowels more frequently, stronger Braxton Hicks contractions (never had them before!), my breasts feel firmer and I feel very heavy and draggy – like a strong cough would cause him to fall out lol.

Are all these differences because I was younger then and didn’t pay as much attention, or is it because I’m older and the whole pregnancy is taking a harder toll on my body – who knows?!? But having a baby at 39 is a LOT different than having a baby at 19!!

Either way, D and I are very excited to meet our son. We’ve been ready for ages – we have everything we need. The crib is set up, hospital bags and baby seat are in the car and the midwife knows I would like a water birth!

Hopefully, I’ll be sharing a ‘meet our son’ post with you VERY soon!!

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