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I went to see my GP this week, we had a good chat but didnt really get anything done as I’m waiting for my Spinal Clinic appointment at the hospital.

He did a few touch-your-nose & follow-my-finger tests and decided I don’t have a neurological condition – I guess that’s something.

I just wish he could do something about the pain!

I’ve just put a fresh duvet cover on my duvet, I took the old one off this morning to be laundered.

By the time I’d got the damn thing on the duvet and buttoned up; I was in agony! I felt sick and crying and quite panicky.

I went and shut myself in the bathroom so I could have a quick cry, but Alex clocked my face when I came down and I am now under my (fresh smelling) duvet with a cup of tea and a whammy pill….but I still feel panicky and my back is throbbing and I feel stupid!

I’m starting to panic about what the future holds for me, I personally don’t believe I am ‘fit for work’ and I just don’t know how I’m going to manage once the kids are gone.

They don’t do a huge amount, but when things are bad; they help and just them being here keeps life moving, it gives me an interest in SOMETHING!!

I’m scared of ending up lonely and bitter in some shitty flat that smells of piss!

Yeah, I said I was panicky; that means my head is all over the place and I should shut up and go to sleep!

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  • Me

    Nope, you won’t end up in a shitty flat, you’ll come live with us wherever we are and we’ll mess around fencing on our rollers in our old age….lots of love, me and Buzz.xx

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