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It’s funny what you discover after you marry someone, isn’t it?

When I married Darrell, I knew he was having these absences. He’d been through a lot and while we didn’t know what caused them, I finally got him to agree to seek help.

Most of the time, the absences were just that; a 10 second absence where he was unresponsive and there would be some memory loss both before and after too.

But, once a month or so, he would have a big absence – his personality would change (he could get quite verbally nasty), he would argue about everything and it would go on for hours…even days!

We attended an appointment at neurology just before we moved and the consultant said he thought it was a fugue state, he wanted Darrell to have an EEG and an MRI to start. The EEG is booked for this Thursday.

Yesterday we woke up and were discussing going shopping and he said to me ‘promise you won’t get shitty’ I got stressed ONCE in a supermarket and it’s constantly thrown in my face!

I told him I only wanted to buy essentials, not luxuries such as puddings (he’s bought several since the move) and he more or less went bananas at me. He’s blaming me because our benefits payments have been suspended so they can sort our joint claim – he’s pretty much blaming me for everything.

Every time we have had an argument, he asks me if I want him to leave – today I said ‘yes’. I even gave him money so that he could get back to his family instead of throwing him out homeless and penniless.

I’ve had a day of crap posted on my facebook timeline and text messages as a result.

So, I am now ‘separated’ and I shall be bringing child number 5 up alone – I know I’ll be alone because he’s told me that while he’ll provide (I’ll believe that when I see it!), I won’t see him again. Whatever, that’s up to him, isn’t it!

I have told his daughter I’d like to stay in contact with her and her family, I leave that up to them. I really hope they do stay in touch, but I understand if they don’t.

At least I’m back on the Island with a family that can support and help me out with a baby, I won’t be completely alone.

Darrell is planning to cancel his appointment for the EEG on Thursday – I’m sad about that as I truly believe he needs help to investigate what is going on. But ‘you can lead a horse to water, you can’t force it to drink’ as they say.

I really hoped this would work, I know people thought I was a fool for rushing into a relationship so quickly and an even bigger fool for getting pregnant at 37 so soon after the wedding. Maybe I am. We’ll see! At least this baby will be just as loved as it’s older siblings (the ones I raised, anyway) and well cared for.

I just can’t spend the rest of my life being blamed for everything (I’m not completely blameless, never said I was), nor can I spend the rest of my life living on tenterhooks waiting for the next explosion.  I won’t put myself through that, nor will I subject a child to that either!

He’s promised to quit drinking – he hasn’t done it, he buys alcohol most weeks. He promised to take meds prescribed by his GP but hasn’t done that either. I can’t put up with broken promises!

I do love my husband, but I don’t love the person he is when he is like this and it gets to the point where it doesn’t get resolved because no one is willing to apologise or compromise.

Where do I start?

The move back to the Island went well – even if it was slightly stressful!

We’re in now and almost completely unpacked, I’m a bit pissed off though as the letting agent are demanding £410 for a house clean and garden tidy, even though it’s in much better condition than it was when I moved in!

Pregnancy is going well, I had to have a scan early on as I was bleeding a bit – it showed one baby with a good heartbeat, thankfully.

I registered with a doctor as soon as I moved to the Island, but I didn’t have my booking appointment with the midwife until this thursday which puts me at 10 weeks and 3 days or 10 weeks and 6 days if you go by the scan – midwife said I may not get my 12 scan as I may have ‘missed the window’.

I’m not really sure what will happen then as I book my 20 week scan at the 12 weeks scan and have a load of things done then.

Also, because we’re going on holiday to Turkey at the start of my 16th week, I won’t see the midwife again until the week after I return which will put me at nearly 20 weeks anyway!

I still haven’t heard the heartbeat and I’m feeling quite fed up with the whole thing, I assumed they would want to keep a closer eye on me due to my age – but they really don’t seem that bothered!

I’m going to wait a few days and if a scan appointment doesn’t come through, I’m going to start complaining!

News News News Post 2!

So, I have more news!

I’ve just discovered I’m 5 weeks pregnant!

Baby is due 24th November.

We’re moving back to the Isle of Wight on April 26th so I will be missing Wonderwool which I’m gutted about, but it can’t be helped. I will, however, be at Woolfest!

iPad woes

Just after Christmas, my son Alex asked to borrow my iPad 2 while he went to visit his new girlfriend-to-be, Becky as she didn’t have a TV.

I loaded it up with films and dropped him off at her flat in Swindon.

He was due to stay all weekend, but after one night called and said I needed to pick her up as Grant (her ex that she was still sharing a flat with) had come home and things were obviously awkward.

I told him I would collect him after work (I even put off my first date with Darrell to collect him!) and he was fine with that. As I was walking home to get the car, Alex called me and asked when I would get there. I told him it would be a few hours.

A short while later, he called again and said there had been ‘trouble’, I asked what had happened and he told me that Grant had threatened him with a knife. I asked if he was safe, he said he was and I told him to dial 999 – he said he had done so, but had been told that it wasn’t an emergency and he should dial 111.

I was absolutely furious! Apparently, a young man waving a knife in a teenagers face is not considered an emergency!

I told them to stay safe and said I would deal with it when I got there.

I arrived at the flat at 6pm, it was then that Alex told me he had had to leave my iPad in the flat after being threatened and upon their return to the flat; it was gone!

I phoned 111 and went ballistic at them and within ten minutes, two officers had arrived at the flat.

Both Alex and I gave a statement and they said they would track Grant down and hopefully get the iPad back.

We left, taking Becky with us.

I got a call the next day to say the iPad had been recovered and I could collect it whenever I pleased.

Obviously, things got rather busy due to meeting Darrell and the iPad wasn’t collected until Alex and Becky went up several weeks later to visit her father.

The police had it in a bag and didn’t allow Alex to plug it in at the station to verify it was still working.

When we got it home, we discovered it had been wiped and locked to someone else’s iTunes account – Grants, obviously.

Becky called him and went mad at him and he eventually told her the password (I was out at the time), Alex checked that the password worked and then just left it.

Before I got back to it, Grant accessed it via Find My iPad, wiped it and put it in Lost mode. The only way you can get out of Lost mode is if you know the email address and the password of the person who put it in Lost mode in the first place!

I took the iPad to the Apple store – they refused to help me until I showed proof of purchase (I’ve owned the iPad for over 2 years, but that wasn’t enough), so then we had to go to Argos. Argos said they couldn’t track it down because my storecard number had changed since I bought it so I had to go to my bank to find out what the storecard number was (it is used as a reference number when you pay it off), then go back to Argos to tell them something they should already know to give me something that is mine by right!

Once, I had given it to Argos the man told me how I could call up the record online, so we went back to the Apple store. I followed his instructions and got an error message – I nearly started smashing things, I was so pissed off by this point!

Darrell called Argos and asked what was going on, they said the only way I could get a copy of my receipt was by them posting it to me, they couldn’t even email it to me (although my original receipt was emailed as it was an online order!).

The receipt arrived the next day and I went back into the store the following week with my useless iPad.

The manageress typed in all the info then told me there was nothing she could do as it was in Lost mode and not just locked, so we called AppleCare.

They claimed they had never heard of anything like this happening and weren’t sure how to proceed, they’d look into it and call me back.

I got a call every couple of days from Peter at Apple who basically told me he couldn’t do anything and he was trying to track down the level of security needed to hack my own iPad!

After two weeks, I called Swindon Police and complained – they put pressure on Grant, who finally gave over the password (despite repeated attempts from us to contact him previously)!

I was on honeymoon on the Island at the time, as soon as I got the password, I called Alex and told him to unlock the iPad – which he did – I then told him to wipe it and put my details in so that Grant couldn’t access it again!

This whole saga took over 2 months! I had an iPad that cost me over £500 that I couldn’t use! The police were useless tossers! All Grant got was a fucking caution!

If you have an Apple product – PLEASE PLEASE install Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad on it and use the lock function!

Yes, it’s a pain in the ass – but it was stop some asshole getting into it!

News news news

Ooops, I’ve done it again – not posted an update for months, but I have been rather busy…

Let’s start with Christmas, shall we? Did you have a good one? Ours was lovely, even though it was awkward with me, Alex and Jess all sleeping in the lounge!

Remember the guy? You know – THE GUY! The one that came in the shop four times and chatted to me in August?

Well, he came in a few more times after that, but didn’t actually get the courage up to ask me out until just after Christmas.

We had our first date on 4th January and 39 days later, we got married.

Yep, married!

You’re probably thinking I’m insane – you may be right lol – but I knew there was something that very first day he came in the shop. The first evening we spent together, we sat and talked for HOURS! We haven’t spent the night apart since!

The wedding was great, I wore a black and purple tunic, he wore a suit. It was a very casual affair and we all went to the pub afterwards!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Of course, it hasn’t! We’re still getting used to each other and learning about each other – I’ve been single for 9 years and it’s quite hard to adapt to someone in your life after that much time alone! His ex-wife was a total bitch.

His name is Darrell, he’s 51 and he has four children and two grandchildren! He gets on great with my lot and they all seem to love him!

I took him over to the Island to meet Mum a few weeks ago and he loved it so much, we’ve decided to move over there when my tenancy expires which will be 30th April!

So, 2014 has started out in a huge way for me! I wonder what else will happen!!!

Oh dear….

Has it really been 3 month since I posted?? Wow, I have no idea what’s happened there LOL

I won’t post weekly filofax pictures, otherwise this would end up being a monster post and quite frankly; I can’t be bothered. So, I’ll give you a quick run through!

Week 38 – I ordered a couple of Buff‘s and went to the Island. Mum and I took Kyle to see a Queen tribute band – they were very good although ‘Freddie Mercury’ didn’t attempt the high vocal range that the real Freddie can do.

I took Isis to the vet while I was on the Island – she had a tick on her back which was removed the same day as her stitches, but she then developed a huge scab which didn’t go away. The vet on the Island gave me some antibiotics and told me to take her to my local vet if it didn’t improve by the end of the course.

Week 39 – On Tuesday, I went over to Bex’s, had a fab day – as usual! On Wednesday, I started physiotherapy for my Plantar Fasciitis and I won a Zuca bag on eBay to pull my Hansen around in which was delivered by the seller to work on the Friday. It’s not perfect as it’s been well used, but it’ll do for me.

Week 40 – I went to Hythe hospital, on the bus (a five hour round trip) to attend the pain clinic. It was my first appointment and an hour wasn’t long enough, so she said I’ll have to go back to finish my assessment.

On the Friday, Jess went to visit her father at his home. He paid for it all and she was very excited about it. Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last; he had a houseful of people when she got there and when they left, Cris and Debbie (his current wife) started drinking alcohol. They then badgered Jess to have a drink with them, even though she told them that she doesn’t really drink.

After being there for a few hours, she called and asked if she could come straight home – they didn’t even feed her, just chucked her in a taxi. The taxi driver had to tell her where to go when she got back to the train station.

Her father has made no effort to contact her since, he didn’t even bother to find out if she got home ok.

Week 41 – I had physio again and then on Wednesday evening I went to a spin meet in Sholing, I was very nervous but I didn’t have a panic attack! I was really relieved at that!

On Thursday, I ordered some fibre for Claire’s birthday and on Saturday, I took Isis back to the vet for another course of antibiotics.

They were baffled as to why the first vet hadn’t removed the scab so that I could bathe the wound to clean it. So, she removed it, then gave me some more tablets and some ointment to put on the wound. It worked a treat and the wound was healed up in about five days!

Week 42 – On Wednesday, I went to visit Mum as Kyle was away at Butlins with John’s Club. While I was there, I took a Smart car for a test drive.

I wasn’t going to get another motability car, I really wasn’t. For the most part, I was coping ok without a car. But I had the pain clinic at Hythe starting up, then Alex got a few appointments at Southampton General and there was a spinning camp which I had to beg a lift for and it just suddenly seemed easier to get one.

So, I decided on a Smart car – they’re sooooo cheap to run!

I took this car for a drive and immediately ordered one, there was one already built at a garage in London that met my specifications so we went through the application process.

Week 43 – On the Sunday night, Jess and I went to a local pub called The Tavern as it was comedy night – we had a great time, the comedian was Matt Black and he was very funny!

On Tuesday, Claire visited and I gave her her birthday present.

How Smart!!

On Friday, I had a home inspection by Pearsons and on Saturday, I went back to the Island to collect my car!!!

As you can see, it’s jet black with a red interior. When I got it, it had about 100 miles on the clock and is in lovely condition!

Week 44 – I took the car to Asda and filled it up as it only had about 4 litres in the tank, petrol was 127.7p and I put £34.50 in it, filling it up. I registered that the car had driven 177 miles at the time.

On Monday evening, Jess and I went to Donna’s house and had a spin in with her and Bex. Jess got on very well with Donna’s daughter, Molly and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The fact that Donna breeds ragdoll cats helped immensely!

On Wednesday, Alex had an MRI. He has tinnitus in one ear – this is apparently quite unusual so the doctor wanted to do an MRI to check it was ‘normal’ tinnitus and not a result of a growth. It turned out that the MRI was clear.

On Thursday, it was Halloween and Jess and I went down to The Tavern again for a ghost walk around Romsey, then we had a buffet followed by a ‘psychic evening’ with two local mediums.

Friday was our one year of living in Romsey anniversary!

Week 45 – I went to visit Kerry on the Monday, they’re all doing well and it was great to spend the day with her and the kids.


On Tuesday, I had to go to the motability garage in Winchester as my car was leaking via the boot hatch – turns out a seal had failed (probably when it was originally fitted) and they’d have to order me a new window.

On the Wednesday, we bought home a new family member.

This is Crowley, he’s about 8 weeks old and very fluffy. When we got him, he hid behind the TV or under the sofas for the first few days until I persuaded him out with some string.

Since then he has been a very mischievous lovable kitten!

I also refilled my car on the Wednesday – the milometer read 472 – that was almost 300 miles on one tank of fuel!!!

On Thursday, Isis turned 6!

Week 46 – Jess had an interview for a Christmas job with Argos and they hired her! She started her induction week the very next day and is thoroughly loving it!

On the Tuesday, I had the back window replaced in the Smart car and everything has been fine since!

On Saturday, I went to collect Claire as we had a road trip planned the following week.

Week 47 was exhausting! We drove to Wales on Sunday to stay with Kristina for two nights, we had loads of fun – and cake!

We left there on Tuesday and headed north – we were originally going to stay with Amber & Bob, but they’ve both had a virus and were still feeling wiped out so Kaz invited us to stay with her, Tony & Jacqueline at their Maryport house.

We had a nice quiet couple of days, but it was obvious that Claire wasn’t as well as she thought she was as she was very bunged up and coughing loads.

Unfortunately, Kaz was taken ill the night before we left so we didn’t get a proper goodbye :(

On the way home, we popped in to visit Allison and her lovely cats before I took Claire back to Steve and headed home myself.

Saturday was the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who and we sat and watched it with Sara who I used to work with – bloody good episode!

Week 48 – I posted my advent swap to my partner, she doesn’t yet know who sent it to her, I may reveal my identity this week!

Aladdin and Wishy Washy

I also phoned the pain clinic as I had received my next ‘appointment’ – it’s a ‘telephone review’ and it isn’t until January 24th 2014! That’s 17 weeks after my last appointment, I was livid. I was assured that someone would call me soon with an explanation as to WHY I was going to have to wait so long (no one has called yet!)

On Tuesday, I went to the Island (again) to see Kyle perform as Wishy Washy in Aladdin and The Magic Lamp which was put on by Way Forward. Kyle was brilliant and carried the whole play! I was very impressed with him!

Cuban Zip – I got a bit excited over the 30mm rings!!

On Wednesday, I moved into a new filofax! I bought a brand new Cuban Zip on eBay – it has 30mm rings and is stunning!

I really like it – except for one thing; it doesn’t lay flat which makes it hard to write in when you’re on the phone or some such thing. It’s a beautiful filofax, but I think I will look for a filofax with 30mm rings that isn’t a zip and has nice soft leather like my Malden had!

Week 49 – I started my advent presents, so far I have had a Doctor Who tote bag, tissues with penguins on, lip balm and yarn all lovely stuff!

That’s pretty much it.

I’m recovering from a bad bout of the flu – which I think I caught from Claire, especially as Kaz and Jacqueline both came down with it after we left and everyone here has had it as well. I was so ill, I didn’t go to work at all last week!

I’m better now, I’ve stopped coughing, but I’m SO tired! Hopefully that won’t last long!

As far as Christmas goes, I’ve got – just about – all the presents and most of them are already wrapped and on the Island! So there’s not much more to do now.

I hope you have all been well – if anyone is still checking this blog LOL – Take care and I’ll try to post before the year ends 😀

3 Weeks Worth in one

Well, you just knew I wasn’t going to post, didn’t you!

So, let’s get down to it!

Week 35

Week 35, not a lot happened really, but it was a good week.

I worked the bank holiday Monday – we decided to open to see how it would go. It was very quiet really and wasn’t really worth our opening up, I said it was because we hadn’t advertised. I might suggest we do a 10% sale next bank holiday or something.

HE came in again. We had another chat and he said he’d been out at the weekend, I said I hadn’t been out in ages and I’d forgotten what ‘fun’ was like, he said he should take my number….so I gave it to him!

Naturally, I haven’t heard from him or seen him since!

On the Wednesday, Alex had a college interview. They decided he should do English and Maths GCSE, BTEC ICT and BTEC Support Skills. He was very pleased with how it went.

I worked Friday and Saturday and on Saturday night I went out with Sara. We went to this pub in Portswood and watched a show called Talking Bollocks – it’s like the male version of the Vagina Monologues and there were basically this group of guys talking about their penises, masturbations, losing their virginity and what life with a penis was like.

It was absolutely hysterical!


Week 36

Week 36 of Monday started early as I had someone come out to look at my boiler as my radiators kept heating up even though the heating has been off – turns out the thermostat for the water was too high so the boiler was syphoning off via the heating pipes so it didn’t explode.

Then I saw a GP about my knees being sore still. He said I need to keep resting them. I then mentioned that I don’t sleep well due to my back and he told me I need to lose weight – obviously, the fact that I’ve had back pain since I was a size 8 is irrelevant!

I ordered Kyle’s birthday presents.

I ordered some more cables for my knitting needles and posted some parcels off.

Alex had an appointment at the hospital on Thursday…..what’s the male version of gynaecology? Anyway, he’s being referred for a circumcision.

I worked Friday and on Saturday, Dawn picked me up and we went to the New Forest for a spinning rally.

Ready To Go

It was loads of fun.

I was all ready to go very early, my miniSpinner was packed in it’s little purple bag and I had my TARDIS project bag in case I decided to do some knitting.

I also took a huge amount of fibre for the ‘Fibre Table’ – which I wasn’t very impressed by. I took about £70-£80 worth of fibre and there were a couple of hand made project bags and raw fleece to trade it with. But the rule was ‘once the fibre is down, it’s down’ so all I could take was the project bags. Wish I’d gone back and picked up the rest of my fibre actually as I’m now about £50 out of pocket.

Spinning in the sun

The day started out very well, very bright and sunny. We sat in a huge circle and chatted away enjoying the sunshine (even though I’m still peeling from getting sunburnt at Jack Up The 80’s!)

Donnas CPW with some of the fleece

Everyone was having a lovely day, there was combing demonstrations going on, Donna had bought her carder and there were loads of different types of spinning wheels. Traditionals, two metal Frank Herrings, a Majacraft Suzi, a Schacht Matchless, a Schacht Reeves, a CPW, my Hansen, a Ladybug, a Joy or two.

A really good selection!

Then a local farmer turned up with a LOT of fleece for us to purchase if we wanted it.

I didn’t buy any as I really can’t be bothered with the prep, but a lot of it sold – they got a good bargain too as it was all shearling fleece!

The smokers section as the sun came out

The weather didn’t stay lovely, unfortunately. But we had marquees to shelter under when the thunderstorm hit, which hit with a vengeance!

A good thing Sue’s RV has an awning as we wouldn’t have got all of us underneath the marquees and still been able to spin.

Unfortunately, the cold and damp caused Dawn to cough so she wanted to leave around 5pm.

We’re already talking about doing it again next year and Eve has said I can borrow a small tent she has so I can stay next time – I’ve just got to work out a lift now!


Week 37

Week 37 has been the first week of college for Alex.

He wasn’t at all nervous until Sammie showed him some of her maths work – she’s 14 and in America. He had a panic attack as it looked too hard and declared that the college were going to throw him out for being stupid, he got very upset!

He had his induction day on Monday – he had to get up at 6am to get the bus at 8am and didn’t get home until 6pm. I blitzed the house and tried to stay busy while I worried about him.

I went to meet him from the bus stop, he looked shattered!

He said he had had a couple of small panic attacks through the day, the first during a meet and greet assembly where they packed approximately 600 students into the hall and the other when he saw his timetable.

They wanted him in every single day and three of those days were for the whole day! He was rather freaked about that and after the induction day we discussed it and he decided to drop the BTEC course as it’s just too much with the GCSE too.

He’s still in for four days, but only for a few hours maximum per session.

He’s now finished that first week, had a maths assessment (he got 50%) and is feeling much more relaxed about it. He has his bus pass, has found the smoking areas and has started talking to people.

I had physio on Wednesday – he’s given me some stretches to do to try and sort the problems out in my feet and legs and said I need to keep resting as well.

I’ve worked Thursday and Friday of this week and I’m literally out the door to work today – just trying to squeeze this post in!

Week 34

This weeks pic:

Week 34

Although it doesn’t look like it – it’s felt like a really busy week, but that might be because I’m writing this post on the Saturday of Week 35 LOL

Let’s see, Monday was Adams birthday, we had a drink and a takeaway for that – we spent Monday and Tuesday watching the Saw movies!

I covered Richards shift at the shop on Wednesday and I worked Friday morning too.

Friday was quite….exciting at work. We open at 9am and around 9.45 this guy came in and browsed a bit, smiled and left.

I noticed that he had nice eyes.

An hour or so later, he came in again. I smiled and we both said ‘back again’ at the same time.  He said he’d seen something that morning while wandering about, but couldn’t remember where so was backtracking.

He stood and chatted for about 20 minutes, he told me he’s divorced and has recently moved back to Romsey to fight his ex for custody of his son.

He left without buying anything and I decided he really did have nice eyes.

I told Sara about him and she said if he came in again, I was to call her. I scoffed and said he wouldn’t be back!

Well…I was wrong. He came back a third time!!

While he was browsing books, I called Sara down on a pretence and then went over to chat a bit more LOL

Again, he left without buying anything and Sara giggled like a school girl!

Wow, that left me all over the place. It’s been a long time since I’ve chatted to a bloke that’s single and in my age range – Sara says he likes me, but how do I KNOW?? How do I know he’s just not being friendly?

It’s all quite terrifying, really!

After I got home from work, I took Alex to the hospital for an ENT appointment to investigate the tinnitus in his right ear. The doctor syringed his ears and gave him some ear drops to use, then we have to go back to get it investigated as it was too blocked to see anything.

My Ogle Designs Lazy Kate arrived – it was a birthday gift from Mum to go with my miniSpinner. It’s lovely and a fab design, but I wasn’t happy with the finish on it – it’s quite rough, there are nicks in the wood and the varnish is bubbly.

Bex says hers is the same and she’s planning on sanding hers down and using Danish oil on it – I may do the same.

I contacted the seller and said I was disappointed and I got a full refund and told to keep the Lazy Kate!!! I was quite impressed at that!

Saturday was quiet.

It’s now the Saturday after that, I’m working today – I’ll post about this week later on today, hopefully.

But, you know what I’m like!

Week 33

Week 33

Week 33 has been reasonably quiet.

I got home from Jack Up The 8o’s quite late on Sunday evening. I was shattered, sore and sunbunrt!

I spent Monday just resting – I didn’t have much choice as my knees were agony and I could barely bend the right one! I even had to sleep with a pillow under it to support it.

It didn’t want to bend, but it didn’t want to straighten either, so I had to limp around with this knee that was sort of stuck in one place!

I called the doctor, but couldn’t get an appointment until Friday of next week!

First completed bobbin of handspun

On Tuesday, I sat waiting excitedly for my miniSpinner to arrive – it was a very exciting day!

I haven’t knit a thing since! All I have done is spin!!

It’s fab – even if I do feel a bit lazy for doing nothing but sitting there – and it’s fast too! I have spun 100g in just under a week, which would usually take me longer due to my knees.

I have ordered a bag from Amazon after seeing this one on the Ravelry boards. Yes, it did come with a bag, but the provided bag is just a canvas bag – there are no pockets to store bits and pieces in and everything is just chucked in together! This one has pockets so I can put the mS and fibre in the main compartment, while the foot pedal, battery & cables, Lazy Kate & maintenance kit get distributed around the pockets.

Mum has also ordered me an Ogle Designs Lazy Kate as a late birthday present!

I did my first big order from Pets At Home on Thursday as we’re low on chinchilla food and Isis food is down to the last two bags – it’s the first time I’ve ordered from them as I used to go by car and I’m a bit disappointed that it takes about four days for delivery. The chinchillas will have a feast when it finally arrives!

Sara called me Thursday morning and asked if I could cover that afternoon – I was a bit worried about my knee as it was still giving me loads of trouble, but I went in anyway; I caught the bus there and Alex came to meet me to walk back as I decided to not go to Stitch & Bitch that night.

Walking home was – obviously – a bit stupid and I was in loads of pain. So, on Friday, I caught the bus to work and phoned for an emergency appointment with a doctor.

I got a 12 o’clock appointment which meant I had to leave work at 11.30 instead of 1 o’clock and I caught the bus (which was bloody late) up the road.

The doctor diagnosed tendinitis flare up with mild effusion – that’s fluid on the knee to you and me (I had to look it up!), he prescribed another box of diclofenac, told me to take the dihydrocodeine or paracetamol with it and keep resting it as I have!

So, on Saturday, I called Sara at work and told her that I wasn’t up to going in for four hours (the first two consist of me sorting stuff and going up and down stairs), but I would go in to cover the two hours on the till – I prefer working on the till anyway!

She was quite happy with that and the rest has done me good, I have more movement that I had a week ago and it doesn’t hurt quite as much, but it does still hurt a bit and I am pretty fed up with all the pain!

I had a self-assessment form come through from the Pain Management clinic this week, I filled it in and sent it off. I’m not feeling optimistic about it – I’ve already done one pain management course, I was in the first one on the Island. It didn’t do much. If you had a good day, it was called progress and if you reverted back to normal, it was called a flare. He just couldn’t accept that his program didn’t help everyone! One guy there had had part of his shoulder removed and no amount of physio was going to make movement any easier for him – he stopped coming after the first month.

I won’t spend another six months travelling to something twice a week that won’t help – I simply don’t have the energy to do it!

I’m not sure what else there is that I could do though….

Journal Pages

Oh, in case you’re wondering what I’m holding in the first pic: it’s journal pages!

I originally planned to keep a journal in an A5 that Claire gave me for Christmas, but I just couldn’t be bothered to dig it out everytime I wanted it and I wanted the pages to be with my planner pages.

I don’t write a lot in a journal – most of it is here on my blog, which I class more as a journal than a way of telling people things; you lot just happen to be people who snoop in my journal 😉 – but every now and then, I feel the urge to actually write things down.

So, I decided to use the paper in my filofax to do so and when I do, those pages get inserted into the week they go with.

I tend to write the journal pages on different coloured paper so they’re easier to see and they also get decorated with tape and stickers.

I’d love to really decorate my planner like I see on Instagram and Facebook, but I’m not really that creative and can never think what to do – and I never remember to at the beginning of the week, so I just chuck a sticker in here and there when I think about it LOL

Hansen miniSpinner

So, I ordered the Hansen miniSpinner two weeks ago.

Claire and I ordered at the same time on the evening of Friday 2nd August.

We got our dispatch notices and tracking numbers in a matter of hours and eagerly followed its progress.

I just knew that the letter informing me of my customs charges would arrive when I was away at the weekend, so I text home on the morning of the 10th and asked Adam to open the letter and send me the reference number so I could pay it.

I had to pay £142.75 – that was all the charges for one cherry miniSpinner with Woolee Winder, a maintenance kit and the super lube grease.

The earliest I was able to arrange delivery was yesterday,  Tuesday 13th August.

As soon as it’s loaded on the delivery vehicle, tracking info becomes useless – it would be so cool if the delivery vehicles had GPS so you could follow it around the area and KNOW when it was coming down your road!

I spent the whole day jumping at every imagined noise outside the front door – at one point the chinchillas made a noise like knocking and I almost sent Jess flying in my haste to check the door!!!

It got to around 2pm and Claire sent me a message saying she was concerned as she had just checked the tracking info on hers and it said ‘held’ so she called ParcelForce immediately.

It turned out that although she had completed the payment via Worldpay and even had a receipt and had scheduled delivery, Worldpay hadn’t notified HMRC that payment had cleared so her miniSpinner wasn’t cleared for delivery!

What a stupid system!!! If it hadn’t cleared, then why did ParcelForce send her an email confirming payment and allow her to book a delivery day!

Poor Claire had to wait until today to receive hers.

My miniSpinner eventually turned up, I was so excited I took a picture of the delivery man!

He was rather nonplussed

Then I text Claire and asked if she wanted to FaceTime while I opened it, which she did.

It was very well packed and the first thing I saw when I opened it was the bag!

Hansen bag

So, I lifted that out and quickly admired it, then there was lots of paper and finally:


There it was, all nestled in!

I lifted it out and it was pretty much ready to go, all I had to do was plug it in! They even send you a fibre sample (with a note explaining what it is and where it comes from) for you to get you going, you can just see the fibre tucked behind the mS in the next pic:

miniSpinner with maintenance kit & sample fibre

It has a very clever switch – if you plug in the power cable first, then the foot switch; the foot switch works in ‘deadman’ mode, like a sewing machine.  If you plug the foot switch in before the power cable, you tap the switch to turn it on and off!

Action shot

I was up and running in no time at all – my rollator makes a good stand for it and because it has wheels; it’s easy to move the unit around the room.

I’m considering getting a little TV table especially for the mS though!

It took a couple of hours to spin and ply the sample fibre:

Sample all finished

Then I moved straight on to some lovely fibre that I bought from Daniella ages ago!

It’s spinning up very well and I’m enjoying being able to recline my feet up – especially with my sore knee at the moment.

Don’t worry, Sherry The Cherry will still get used – I actually prefer a wheel that you have to treadle; I feel it gives more control, I shall use the mS for plying mostly and for when my legs ache and I can’t treadle!

Claire’s mS arrived safe and sound at lunchtime today and she’s been happily plying some spindle spun singles all afternoon!!