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Oops, I got a bit behind!!

I forgot to post Week 5:

Week 5

Not loads going on, mostly bills.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make the spin and natter at Jumble Jelly on Saturday; I just couldn’t afford all the petrol (it’s about 120 miles round trip!)

We popped over to the Island on Wednesday ‐ Alex had a dentist appointment. No, I haven’t found him a dentist here; it would make more sense, but he is in the process of braces and we’re almost ready to have them taken out and a retainer put in, I don’t really want to move him to a new dentist during treatment.

Besides, it means I get to visit the others every six weeks or so!

The shower has finally been re-installed, this has been a royal pain in the ass – workmen not turning up when they’re supposed to and all the general waiting about.

The side still isn’t on the bath, so I guess I need to phone someone and shout about that too!

Week 6

Week 6 was a bit better!

It was Helen’s birthday on Wednesday and I sent her some bobbin match mates as she’d mentioned them when I was visiting her and we had a quick natter via FaceTime on Wednesday evening – I even got to see her blow out her candles!!

I also went to Rosanne’s on Wednesday and we went shopping in Gosport, I got an A2 cutting mat and some notecards.

The most exciting thing to happen (although I forgot to write it in before posting the pic) was Alex finally built his computer! It took several hours to build and then all night to update all the software, but it’s finally done!

Now he can play online games and I don’t have to listen to him bitch about how crap the computer is!

He really enjoyed building it and Lee (the neighbour who supervised him) has taught him a lot. Of course, Alex now has the bug and wants to build more!

Here are some pictures (can’t get them all on one line for some reason!):




It’s a lovely PC (I’ve snuck on it to write this post LOL)


I’ve actually knit enough socks to do one load in the machine – yes, I know; hand washing is best, but it doesn’t get them really clean and then they drip everywhere and I just can’t have that in a rented house, so I chucked them through the machine and tested the wool cycle.

They all survived and I had the pleasure of watching 30 pairs of socks dry – only a hand knitter would understand that statement!!

At least now I have lots and lots of clean socks!

A year or so ago, I had a problem with moths :( I had to throw away some handspun and some yarn, I haven’t been as badly hit as some people have, but it does make you paranoid.

I now store EVERYTHING fibre or fabric related in sealed boxes or ziplock bags!

Fabric Stash

I’ve started accruing a nice sized fabric stash – partially thanks to Rosanne who let me steal some scraps – so I stuck it all in a drawer.

It’s not an ideal setup – I’d love to have it all stacked prettily on a shelf (like you see on Pinterest), but I just don’t have the space and…you know….them moths!

I’m ordering some more drawers this week – just those plastic ones, but it’ll give me a chance to re-organise it a bit; I’m not sure how yet, maybe I’ll start by just putting the Fat Quarters together then go from there.

It’s been very cold – we’ve had more snow – and a couple of weeks ago, the discussion at S&B turned to hats. I can’t wear a hat – they make my head itch! But, I can wear a cotton headscarf all day with no problems. I mentioned that I might make a hat in cotton yarn and see if that worked.

The following week, Jane gave me her hat to try. It wasn’t cotton, but cashmere and very soft.

I wore it all night with no problems at all.

The only trouble is….I look like a total nob in a hat!!


See! Completely stupid, but I really want to make this!

Maybe next year – I’ve got all that sewing to do 😉


Ooooooh, handy hint for you – do you drink ‘special’ tea? I drink decaf due to my psoriasis, but I know not everyone keeps it. I needed a way to carry teabags without them getting damaged!

I bought this little tin from Lush, it’s only a couple of pound and they even sell it online (if you don’t mind their horrendous postage charges!)

I can now carry around six teabags in my bag without worry they’ll get torn!

If you want one and don’t want to pay the stupendous amount that Lush charge, let me know and I’ll see if I can pick one up from the local store for you – I can’t guarantee it’ll arrive undented, but they’re pretty easy to manipulate if it does!

I came to the conclusion that, although I love spinning, I can’t be bothered with all the hassle of washing, combing and farting around with fleece – which is a shame really as I have quite a lot of it!

I’ve already promised my combs to someone and I’ve got some friends coming on Thursday to have a rummage. I’ll list whatever is left for sale if anyone is interested.

Tidy cupboard

I cleared all the fleece out of the cupboard and was shocked at how much space I had left, so I set up my sewing table IN the cupboard.

I’m really pleased it all fit – my stash is at the back of the cupboard, but as that has already been sorted; all I need to do is grab the bag at the top of the pile!

Unfortunately, if I need something specific, I’ll have to dismantle the table again as we can’t get it out in one piece!

But this way, I can use my cutting mat and the sewing machine without all the hassle of finding somewhere to set it all up!


I also finished a spinning project I was working on – I call it ‘Clouds’

This was fibre from two different artists who dyed with very similar colours.

The first was Wildcraft; 100g, 70% BFL/30% Silk. Her dyeing was white through to pale blue.

The second was The Yarn Yard; 100g, 80% Merino/20% Silk. Her dyeing was white through to royal blue.

I used each 100g to make a single then plied the two singles together, the result was stunning! This is going to make something with lovely stripes! I’m thinking a laceweight sweater or something similar!

So….I think that about covers everything LOL – Oh, you won’t see the quilt  now until it’s finished; I’m nearly there with the top, then I have to layer it, sew it all together then quilt it!

I wonder if I’ll have it finished in time for Mum’s birthday!

What’ve you been up to?

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