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Oh dear….

Has it really been 3 month since I posted?? Wow, I have no idea what’s happened there LOL

I won’t post weekly filofax pictures, otherwise this would end up being a monster post and quite frankly; I can’t be bothered. So, I’ll give you a quick run through!

Week 38 – I ordered a couple of Buff‘s and went to the Island. Mum and I took Kyle to see a Queen tribute band – they were very good although ‘Freddie Mercury’ didn’t attempt the high vocal range that the real Freddie can do.

I took Isis to the vet while I was on the Island – she had a tick on her back which was removed the same day as her stitches, but she then developed a huge scab which didn’t go away. The vet on the Island gave me some antibiotics and told me to take her to my local vet if it didn’t improve by the end of the course.

Week 39 – On Tuesday, I went over to Bex’s, had a fab day – as usual! On Wednesday, I started physiotherapy for my Plantar Fasciitis and I won a Zuca bag on eBay to pull my Hansen around in which was delivered by the seller to work on the Friday. It’s not perfect as it’s been well used, but it’ll do for me.

Week 40 – I went to Hythe hospital, on the bus (a five hour round trip) to attend the pain clinic. It was my first appointment and an hour wasn’t long enough, so she said I’ll have to go back to finish my assessment.

On the Friday, Jess went to visit her father at his home. He paid for it all and she was very excited about it. Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last; he had a houseful of people when she got there and when they left, Cris and Debbie (his current wife) started drinking alcohol. They then badgered Jess to have a drink with them, even though she told them that she doesn’t really drink.

After being there for a few hours, she called and asked if she could come straight home – they didn’t even feed her, just chucked her in a taxi. The taxi driver had to tell her where to go when she got back to the train station.

Her father has made no effort to contact her since, he didn’t even bother to find out if she got home ok.

Week 41 – I had physio again and then on Wednesday evening I went to a spin meet in Sholing, I was very nervous but I didn’t have a panic attack! I was really relieved at that!

On Thursday, I ordered some fibre for Claire’s birthday and on Saturday, I took Isis back to the vet for another course of antibiotics.

They were baffled as to why the first vet hadn’t removed the scab so that I could bathe the wound to clean it. So, she removed it, then gave me some more tablets and some ointment to put on the wound. It worked a treat and the wound was healed up in about five days!

Week 42 – On Wednesday, I went to visit Mum as Kyle was away at Butlins with John’s Club. While I was there, I took a Smart car for a test drive.

I wasn’t going to get another motability car, I really wasn’t. For the most part, I was coping ok without a car. But I had the pain clinic at Hythe starting up, then Alex got a few appointments at Southampton General and there was a spinning camp which I had to beg a lift for and it just suddenly seemed easier to get one.

So, I decided on a Smart car – they’re sooooo cheap to run!

I took this car for a drive and immediately ordered one, there was one already built at a garage in London that met my specifications so we went through the application process.

Week 43 – On the Sunday night, Jess and I went to a local pub called The Tavern as it was comedy night – we had a great time, the comedian was Matt Black and he was very funny!

On Tuesday, Claire visited and I gave her her birthday present.

How Smart!!

On Friday, I had a home inspection by Pearsons and on Saturday, I went back to the Island to collect my car!!!

As you can see, it’s jet black with a red interior. When I got it, it had about 100 miles on the clock and is in lovely condition!

Week 44 – I took the car to Asda and filled it up as it only had about 4 litres in the tank, petrol was 127.7p and I put £34.50 in it, filling it up. I registered that the car had driven 177 miles at the time.

On Monday evening, Jess and I went to Donna’s house and had a spin in with her and Bex. Jess got on very well with Donna’s daughter, Molly and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The fact that Donna breeds ragdoll cats helped immensely!

On Wednesday, Alex had an MRI. He has tinnitus in one ear – this is apparently quite unusual so the doctor wanted to do an MRI to check it was ‘normal’ tinnitus and not a result of a growth. It turned out that the MRI was clear.

On Thursday, it was Halloween and Jess and I went down to The Tavern again for a ghost walk around Romsey, then we had a buffet followed by a ‘psychic evening’ with two local mediums.

Friday was our one year of living in Romsey anniversary!

Week 45 – I went to visit Kerry on the Monday, they’re all doing well and it was great to spend the day with her and the kids.


On Tuesday, I had to go to the motability garage in Winchester as my car was leaking via the boot hatch – turns out a seal had failed (probably when it was originally fitted) and they’d have to order me a new window.

On the Wednesday, we bought home a new family member.

This is Crowley, he’s about 8 weeks old and very fluffy. When we got him, he hid behind the TV or under the sofas for the first few days until I persuaded him out with some string.

Since then he has been a very mischievous lovable kitten!

I also refilled my car on the Wednesday – the milometer read 472 – that was almost 300 miles on one tank of fuel!!!

On Thursday, Isis turned 6!

Week 46 – Jess had an interview for a Christmas job with Argos and they hired her! She started her induction week the very next day and is thoroughly loving it!

On the Tuesday, I had the back window replaced in the Smart car and everything has been fine since!

On Saturday, I went to collect Claire as we had a road trip planned the following week.

Week 47 was exhausting! We drove to Wales on Sunday to stay with Kristina for two nights, we had loads of fun – and cake!

We left there on Tuesday and headed north – we were originally going to stay with Amber & Bob, but they’ve both had a virus and were still feeling wiped out so Kaz invited us to stay with her, Tony & Jacqueline at their Maryport house.

We had a nice quiet couple of days, but it was obvious that Claire wasn’t as well as she thought she was as she was very bunged up and coughing loads.

Unfortunately, Kaz was taken ill the night before we left so we didn’t get a proper goodbye :(

On the way home, we popped in to visit Allison and her lovely cats before I took Claire back to Steve and headed home myself.

Saturday was the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who and we sat and watched it with Sara who I used to work with – bloody good episode!

Week 48 – I posted my advent swap to my partner, she doesn’t yet know who sent it to her, I may reveal my identity this week!

Aladdin and Wishy Washy

I also phoned the pain clinic as I had received my next ‘appointment’ – it’s a ‘telephone review’ and it isn’t until January 24th 2014! That’s 17 weeks after my last appointment, I was livid. I was assured that someone would call me soon with an explanation as to WHY I was going to have to wait so long (no one has called yet!)

On Tuesday, I went to the Island (again) to see Kyle perform as Wishy Washy in Aladdin and The Magic Lamp which was put on by Way Forward. Kyle was brilliant and carried the whole play! I was very impressed with him!

Cuban Zip – I got a bit excited over the 30mm rings!!

On Wednesday, I moved into a new filofax! I bought a brand new Cuban Zip on eBay – it has 30mm rings and is stunning!

I really like it – except for one thing; it doesn’t lay flat which makes it hard to write in when you’re on the phone or some such thing. It’s a beautiful filofax, but I think I will look for a filofax with 30mm rings that isn’t a zip and has nice soft leather like my Malden had!

Week 49 – I started my advent presents, so far I have had a Doctor Who tote bag, tissues with penguins on, lip balm and yarn all lovely stuff!

That’s pretty much it.

I’m recovering from a bad bout of the flu – which I think I caught from Claire, especially as Kaz and Jacqueline both came down with it after we left and everyone here has had it as well. I was so ill, I didn’t go to work at all last week!

I’m better now, I’ve stopped coughing, but I’m SO tired! Hopefully that won’t last long!

As far as Christmas goes, I’ve got – just about – all the presents and most of them are already wrapped and on the Island! So there’s not much more to do now.

I hope you have all been well – if anyone is still checking this blog LOL – Take care and I’ll try to post before the year ends 😀

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