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More Wonderwool

So, I told you about all the lovely stuff I bought, now about all the lovely people I met and everything I saw (if I can remember it all!)

The countryside in Wales is beautiful! There are hills (or are they mountains – at what point does a hill become a mountain?) and valleys, sheep everywhere! Fascinating things to see!

Wonderwool was held on the Royal Agricultural Show Ground in Builth Wells and it was stuffed full of yarn, fibre, animals and soooooooo many people!

Helen and I went to the interactive area where we’d agreed to meet a lot of people (and I’m sure I’m going to forget to name some of them!). There we found Amber & Bob – a fabulous hippy couple that I adored to bits! Along with WyeSue, Wrigglefingers and Artis-Anne.

Throughout the day we bumped into Sarah (Babylonglegs), Kristina (Wyndwitch), James (LongdrawJames), Sally (ToadofToadHall), Marianne (Picperfic) and her hubby, Barry, DotKnits, Ursula (The Laal Bear), Sara (Sara’s Texture Crafts), Ian (IST Spindles), Amanda (Mandacrafts), Sarah (Brownberry Yarns), Marie (Woollyholic) – oh god, I know there were more, but my mind has gone blank!

Anyway, here are some photos of them all!

Amber and Bob – the mogs!

Sarah – then with her new Cherry Matchless! Hasn’t she got a gorgeous smile?

LongdrawJames with his haul

This is Nic – I took a photo of her feet because she bought new flip flops & said it would be her fault if it rained and it rained!


Helen with Sally, Sue, James, Barry & Marianne after the first day!

We left messages for each other in the interactive area:

Admired some of the wheels on display:

There were so many people there! Wingham’s Stand was heaving! (Can you see Helen rummaging at the back there?)

We were a bit more relaxed on the second day, I barely bought anything and we did a lot more talking (yes; Helen and I can talk for England!) to people. I collected a big box stuffed with yarn ready to be dyed!

Look what Mum had made me while I was away!!

I walked miles and it’s going to take at least a week to recover – I had to take quite a bit in the way of painkillers on the second day – and I’m absolutely shattered.

But I had a blast and who knows; you might be blogging about the fabulous stuff you bought from me next year 😉

6 comments to More Wonderwool

  • picperfic

    lovely blog posts Sam, Barry and I truly had a wonderful time and enjoyed chatting to everyone. I am now looking forward to my new baby wheel arriving and lots of spinning!!

  • Kristina

    Do you know missus that is the first photo of me in my wheelchair, sort of makes it feel 'real' but on the upside I do look nice and slim there 😀

    It was great meeting face to face at last and look forward to seeing more of you *WHEN* (not the positive) when we move back south!!

  • BabyLongLegs

    It was awesome to meet you, honeybunch…..
    Hey, I just realised I am in 3 of the photos….heehee…!!!
    Yup…I get everywhere 😀

    S xXx

  • Wrigglefingers

    Hey Sam,

    It was lovely to meet you and catch up on life on the Island! I don't think it's changed at all since my days there!

    I had a fab time at WW – it was so friendly. I'm not the most socially well-adapted, but I do enjoy weekends where I can get on with doing stuff and meet fantastic people in the process.


  • Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul

    it was so great to meet you at last:)

  • Guzzisue

    It was good to meet you, had agreat time but sort of forgot to take photos!!except the goat!Really looking forward to doing it all again.

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