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More 365/30

So…….um, yeah – writing a post a day kinda failed there, didn’t it!

Best catchup then – this may become quite a long post!

Christmas Day visits

Nope, the rule is nobody goes out on Christmas Day! I’m going back to the Island on Christmas Eve to spend it with the family, I shall visit the Island knitters, stay at Matt’s, enjoy Christmas, visit Mel and her family on Boxing Day, then come home!

Christmas Food/Essential Shop

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges! I buy them every year!

Events to attend over Christmas

Nope, just the knitting group on Christmas Eve

Your own items for 12 days of Christmas

Um, I don’t do this….

Favourite Christmas Carols

I’m not really a lover of Christmas Carols, probably Silent Night

Favourite Christmas Number 1

Last Christmas by Wham

Who Would You Like To Find In Your Stocking on Christmas morning?

Dr Frank N Furter

Tim Curry – if a man ever looked good in stockings, it was him!

If money was no object, I would like…

A house here in Romsey, a cottage type place with little nooks and crannies everywhere, with a fabulous wood burner stove in the lounge and a small kitchen!

Christmas decorations

Um, yes – I put up the tree every year and on it gets hung a LOT of lights, Disney ornaments I collected when the kids were young and stuff the kids made when they were young

TV programmes to watch over Christmas

Oooooh, The Snowman, Mary Poppins, Doctor Who

Who to send Thank You cards too

I don’t do thank you cards, but if I did, I would send to my boys for buying me a Tom Bihn Swift in purple, Sulkycat for the advent swap we’ve done this year and Claire for whatever she’s going to give me when I see her on the 27th!

Favourite Christmas foods

All of it! I love everything you get in a traditional Christmas dinner! I don’t like Christmas pudding though!

Christmas Day schedule

Get up, open our presents, have breakfast (usually a full English, but I don’t think we’re doing that this year as last year we were so full; no one ate dinner lol!) then be lazy, alcohol drinking bums until dinner, watch Doctor Who!

I’m going to answer 22, 23 & 24 too!

What you got in your stocking as a child

We never did the traditional Christmas Stocking

Christmas lunch will be

We don’t have lunch, we have dinner in the evening at the normal time. It will be: turkey, maybe gammon, potatoes (mashed & roasted), veg, gravy, cranberry sauce, bread sauce

Things to do before 25th

Um….I think I’ve done it all actually *smug mode on*

So, that’s it – it sounds a pretty boring Christmas, I know; but it’s the one day of the year where we’reall together!

Whatever you do at Christmas, I hope it’s a good one!

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  • LJ

    Thank you for the picture of the man himself – that has brought a great big grin to my face. No other man does stockings as well as that :o) Sounds like you have the perfect day lined up. Merry Christmas :o)

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