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Matt’s Eye

Considering Matt is a cardiac patient, he’s rarely ill or hurt.

But when he is, he does it properly!

Remember his ankle? That gave him trouble for months!

Now it’s his eye.  He went to a party about six weeks ago, I didn’t hear from him all night, but I wasn’t worried as I figured they were all hammered by midnight and he’d be home with a hangover on the Sunday!

He arrived home about midday on the Sunday and he had a black eye!

No, he hadn’t been fighting. He’d been sitting talking to one of the group while another group member was flicking a tea-towel and making it snap.

Unfortunately, this guy was standing and Matt was sitting, Matt turned around at exactly the wrong moment and the towel was level with his face!

THWACK!!! It hit him right on the face on his lower eyelid – it missed his eye by millimetres!

According to Matt they were a couple of First Aiders in the group. They all had a look, stuck some ice on it and told him he’d ‘probably just burst a blood vessel’.  He decided not to call me, but to spend the night with a chronic headache instead!

He had some painkillers the next day and apart from the bruising around his eye (which wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been; probably due to the ice applied immediately!) and a red eyeball, he seemed fine.

About a week later he came to me and told me he was having problems; he said he was getting a lot of headaches and his vision was so blurred in that eye that he was practically blind in it.

Of course, he told me this on a Sunday! I was all for taking him to the emergency clinic, but he didn’t want to go, so we waited until Monday.

I took him to the doctor who took one look and called the eye clinic at the hospital and referred him as an emergency case with a suspected detached retina!

My ‘I’m a shit parent’ head reared it’s ugly head again and I blamed myself for not insisting he went to hospital the day he came home with the black eye :(

We went to the eye clinic and saw Dr Sherpa, she looked in his eye with prisms, shone lights, tried to get a machine to take a photo (but it couldn’t as it couldn’t ‘lock on’ to the back of his eye) and got a bigshot consultant to do an ultrasound.

Verdict = it didn’t appear to be detached but the entire back of his eyeball was covered in blood and the blood was between his eye and the retina, this was probably a second haemorrhage.

The retina focuses light in the same way a camera does, because the light couldn’t reach the retina (due to the blood), the retina couldn’t focus – hence the blurred vision!

Matt is now on weekly visits to the eye clinic, it’s a PITA (or should that be a PITE? 😉 ), but it has to be done as detachment is still a strong possibility.

These past two weeks we’ve been seeing Dr Lockhead (major big cheese consultant up there) and he says that he can see about 75% of the eye. The drainage channels are right next to the injury site and are possibly damaged which is why the blood isn’t draining quickly. He’s optimistic that they will repair themselves with time.

He says that the pressure in the eye is below normal and that there is some swelling and bruising on the back and bottom of the eye.

He also said the gel inside the eye is no longer stuck to the retina – this is apparently a good thing because if he needs laser surgery to repair any damage; it’ll be safer!

He’s optimistic that Matt won’t need laser surgery and that any damage will repair itself, but it’s going to take time and Matt has to take it easy: Any exertion or raising of blood pressure could cause another haemorrhage or the retina to detach :-/

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