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Little D

The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy were hard; I suffer with IBS from time to time and it hit full force making me chronically constipated! It was so bad; I resorted to taking lactulose the day before I was due.

That stuff did its job and I almost exploded at archery on Sunday afternoon lol

Unfortunately, by Monday evening I was feeling uncomfortable again so I took some more and went to bed!

I woke every 45 minutes throughout the night – which had become the norm for my pregnancy and waddled to the loo. I resisted straining as I was nursing a small haemorrhoid and didn’t want to make it worse!

I got up at 4am to go to the loo again, my guts were killing me and I felt awful. I went to the loo – still nothing – but when I stood up and looked in the toilet, I got an awful shock: there was blood and quite a lot of it!

I never had a show with my other children and didn’t know what to expect, but I was sure it wasn’t supposed to look like that!

Naturally, I panicked and went and woke D – then promptly burst into tears convinced something was wrong.

While he rushed around getting dressed, I called the hospital while sitting on a towel. I told the midwife about the blood, she asked if I had any pain and I said yeah and that I had for about a week due to the constipation. She asked what the pain felt like and I said: “Like I’m in labour, actually!” She said: “You probably are!”

At that point my waters broke and she told me to make my way to hospital. I called mum so she could drive us. Alex had heard my call and came rushing in to check I was ok – so I told him to take Isis into his room out of the way.

Mum had great fun speeding to the hospital and jumping red lights (I’m still waiting for the tickets to arrive in the post!!) and we arrived at the hospital around 4.20am the day after my due date!
The birthing pool was empty which was great as I’d decided when I first fell pregnant that I wanted a water delivery, so the midwife took me straight to the pool room. It’s quite a large room with the pool at one end, a bed for the mum if she needs it and a cot for baby. There’s also a door to a wet room so mum can jump in shower and use the loo.

Claire – the midwife – said she wanted to examine me to find out how dilated my cervix was. Turns out I was only about 1cm and my cervix hadn’t moved forward yet. Claire tried to bring my cervix forward, which was very painful, then I got up to walk around.

There was quite a bit of blood on the bed, but Claire said not to worry. We decided I wouldn’t get in the pool yet as it was early in the labour and getting in the water too early can actually stop it.

So I paced around talking to D and Mum for the next 90 minutes – which seemed to pass really quickly. Then I got in the pool!

It was lovely! It was warmer than I was expecting and because the water took the weight of the baby; it felt very different, but I did need entinox!

Labour progressed quite quickly. D held my hand the whole time and consoled me when I was sick shortly after getting in the pool.

Labour in the pool was very different than on a bed – I wasn’t wired up to machines, I wasn’t examined repeatedly after that first time; I was left alone to get on with it. The only time I was touched by Claire was when she used a doppler on my bump to check the foetal heartbeat!

I think it was about 7.30am when I knew he had moved down and I was ready to push. By this point I was kneeling in the pool, gripping D’s hand with my left hand and the entinox with my right.

When I had my other children; the midwives assisted in the birthing of the head – but this time, I was left alone again to do it myself. It was a lot better.

At 7.53, I pushed our son into the world. He was beautiful and the three of us cuddled while I sat in the water with him. Our baby was very white and had some trouble waking properly, so instead of having a decent period of skin-to-skin contact; the decision was made to cut the cord (which I did myself) and rub him down after just five minutes.

I got out of the pool and lay on the bed to deliver the placenta while a nurse took the baby to another room to rub him down and give him a bit of oxygen. D went with him as I couldn’t and they were back very quickly.

I was told that he weighed 8lb 8oz and had already done a dirty nappy!!

After a short while, Mum went home and I sat in the chair to give him a feed – he was still quite lethargic so I gave him what he would take and then the midwife gave him a formula top up while I had a drink.

By 11am I had had a shower and baby, D and I were on the ward and doing great. Although, I did have a massive headache as I’d gotten dehydrated from the entinox and my shoulders ached. I complained about that to D and he laughed and said it was because I was pulling him towards me while I was giving birth! He said it was a two hour arm wrestling match and he didn’t know I was that strong!

We had a few hours alone together before visiting hours started and Jess turned up to meet her new brother. D popped outside to call his mother and while he was out; Jane called him to tell him that Tessa (his oldest daughter) had had a baby boy at midday – just five hours after I had given birth!

At 2pm, Jess arrived quickly followed by friends, Stacey & Danny, Vicky then Mel, Leigh & Mason!

Mum arrived at 6pm to take D home. Unfortunately, I had to stay in hospital overnight due to the trouble the baby had after birth, but I was discharged by the next day.

So, here he is. Little D, or Darrell Edward as he is officially, after his daddy.

Little D

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