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It’s all over for another year!

So, did you have a good Christmas? I did!

Alex, Jess, Adam and I went back to the Isle of Wight for Christmas.  We caught the 6pm ferry from Southampton and stopped off at the pub for dinner with Rachel and RahRah from Isle of Wight Stitch & Bitch, dropped Adam off at his parents house then headed to our old house.

I suppose I should get used to calling it Matt’s house from now on!

I persuaded Matt to let Jess & I share his new bed, rather than his old bed as his old bed is smaller and very noisy and I knew that if I slept in it; I’d be unable to move the following day. Not that it mattered, I spent the night staring at the ceiling before finally falling asleep at 5.30am Christmas morning!

We all got up around 10.30 and gathered in the lounge.

It wasn’t an expensive Christmas, but I think everyone was happy with what they got!

Tom Bihn Swifft

I know I certainly was! I got a fab silk dressing gown from Vicky, an adorable Eeyore mug from Adam and the boys clubbed together and bought me a Tom Bihn Swift! It’s beautiful!

Purple, naturally and it came with a free project bag (Tom Bihn calls them ‘Yarn Stuff Sacks‘) which clips to one of the many convenient O rings inside the Swift. It’s fab and I love it!

I had made a point of travelling over without a handbag so that I could fill this little beauty up immediately!

I had a small issue with the silly thing falling over, but once I realised that it was because I had overloaded the pockets and moved everything into a toiletries case that Claire gave me last summer; it worked really well – the toiletries case matches a treat too!

We sat and chatted for most of the morning and we had dinner at 3pm. We decided to have it at 3pm after starving all day because of what happened last year (we ate a full English breakfast and were too full to eat any dinner!).

Matt and Nan did Christmas dinner and it was just amazing! We all ate loads and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful!

We had the full English on Boxing Day instead!!

After that, I walked down to Mel’s mums house to drop presents off for Mason – he seemed very happy with everything I got him.

We came home Boxing Day on the 7pm ferry and we were all absolutely exhausted – there’s nothing like your own bed, is there?

The Flex

The next day, Claire and Steve came over to visit for the day – poor things spent a good four hours on the M25! But we had fun exchanging gifts once they arrived.

Claire gave me a secondhand A5 Identity filofax (which I plan to use to keep a scrapbox journal in) and an A5 flex – unfortunately, she didn’t know at the time that I don’t like the Filofax Flex and has given me permission to sell it.

If you’d like it, I’m selling for £15 – leave a comment!

She also gave me some stickers from my wishlist, some glow in the dark sheep to stick on my walls (like the glow in the dark stars you get for your ceiling!) and a scarf for Lady Penelope!

I have a few 365/30’s for you!

Gifts Received

  • The Tom Bihn Swift
  • Eeyore mug
  • Dressing Gown
  • Two A5 filofaxes
  • Stickers
  • A scarf for Lady Penelope
  • Glow in the dark sheep to stick on the wall
  • Metal butterflies to hang on the wall (Mel bought them for me a couple of weeks ago)

Food/Drink you overindulged in

Ummmmm, I didn’t overeat too much, I did make a good dent in the bottle of spiced rum I took with me though and the sausage rolls my mum made were absolutely delicious!!

Duplicated Presents Received


Things You Are Thankful For

Not sure if this is about Christmas or generally. I had a great Christmas (even with the lack of sleep), I’m thankful the road didn’t flood and we managed to get home, I’m thankful that the whole family enjoyed themselves and that I have such fabulous friends!

Review The Month

It’s been ok, I think. There have been a few arguments with Jess – she says she’s not happy here, but hasn’t really made much effort to BE happy here. All in all, it’s been pretty good!

Review The Year

Well, it’s been a busy one and not just for me – this year we’ve had the Queen’s Jubilee – 60 years on the throne; amazing! We’ve had the Olympics which were just fantastic! A Scotsman won Wimbledon a Brit won the Tour de France and I moved house!

New Years Resolutions

I am going to get back into reading. I used to read ALL the time, but since I took up knitting again five or six years ago; I’ve done precious little reading – this is something I aim to change over the next year!


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