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iPad woes

Just after Christmas, my son Alex asked to borrow my iPad 2 while he went to visit his new girlfriend-to-be, Becky as she didn’t have a TV.

I loaded it up with films and dropped him off at her flat in Swindon.

He was due to stay all weekend, but after one night called and said I needed to pick her up as Grant (her ex that she was still sharing a flat with) had come home and things were obviously awkward.

I told him I would collect him after work (I even put off my first date with Darrell to collect him!) and he was fine with that. As I was walking home to get the car, Alex called me and asked when I would get there. I told him it would be a few hours.

A short while later, he called again and said there had been ‘trouble’, I asked what had happened and he told me that Grant had threatened him with a knife. I asked if he was safe, he said he was and I told him to dial 999 – he said he had done so, but had been told that it wasn’t an emergency and he should dial 111.

I was absolutely furious! Apparently, a young man waving a knife in a teenagers face is not considered an emergency!

I told them to stay safe and said I would deal with it when I got there.

I arrived at the flat at 6pm, it was then that Alex told me he had had to leave my iPad in the flat after being threatened and upon their return to the flat; it was gone!

I phoned 111 and went ballistic at them and within ten minutes, two officers had arrived at the flat.

Both Alex and I gave a statement and they said they would track Grant down and hopefully get the iPad back.

We left, taking Becky with us.

I got a call the next day to say the iPad had been recovered and I could collect it whenever I pleased.

Obviously, things got rather busy due to meeting Darrell and the iPad wasn’t collected until Alex and Becky went up several weeks later to visit her father.

The police had it in a bag and didn’t allow Alex to plug it in at the station to verify it was still working.

When we got it home, we discovered it had been wiped and locked to someone else’s iTunes account – Grants, obviously.

Becky called him and went mad at him and he eventually told her the password (I was out at the time), Alex checked that the password worked and then just left it.

Before I got back to it, Grant accessed it via Find My iPad, wiped it and put it in Lost mode. The only way you can get out of Lost mode is if you know the email address and the password of the person who put it in Lost mode in the first place!

I took the iPad to the Apple store – they refused to help me until I showed proof of purchase (I’ve owned the iPad for over 2 years, but that wasn’t enough), so then we had to go to Argos. Argos said they couldn’t track it down because my storecard number had changed since I bought it so I had to go to my bank to find out what the storecard number was (it is used as a reference number when you pay it off), then go back to Argos to tell them something they should already know to give me something that is mine by right!

Once, I had given it to Argos the man told me how I could call up the record online, so we went back to the Apple store. I followed his instructions and got an error message – I nearly started smashing things, I was so pissed off by this point!

Darrell called Argos and asked what was going on, they said the only way I could get a copy of my receipt was by them posting it to me, they couldn’t even email it to me (although my original receipt was emailed as it was an online order!).

The receipt arrived the next day and I went back into the store the following week with my useless iPad.

The manageress typed in all the info then told me there was nothing she could do as it was in Lost mode and not just locked, so we called AppleCare.

They claimed they had never heard of anything like this happening and weren’t sure how to proceed, they’d look into it and call me back.

I got a call every couple of days from Peter at Apple who basically told me he couldn’t do anything and he was trying to track down the level of security needed to hack my own iPad!

After two weeks, I called Swindon Police and complained – they put pressure on Grant, who finally gave over the password (despite repeated attempts from us to contact him previously)!

I was on honeymoon on the Island at the time, as soon as I got the password, I called Alex and told him to unlock the iPad – which he did – I then told him to wipe it and put my details in so that Grant couldn’t access it again!

This whole saga took over 2 months! I had an iPad that cost me over £500 that I couldn’t use! The police were useless tossers! All Grant got was a fucking caution!

If you have an Apple product – PLEASE PLEASE install Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad on it and use the lock function!

Yes, it’s a pain in the ass – but it was stop some asshole getting into it!

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