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I’m so bad!

I haven’t written on here in months!

I know, I’m such a bad blogger – Claire even told me off :(

I have a ton of excuses! Mainly, my Mac died (I’m devastated!) and WordPress is shite on an iPad!

D and I spent a lot of time talking, got ourselves sorted out and things are going brilliantly, although we have found out that at some point in the past (and D thinks he knows exactly when); he has had a stroke! This has quite upset both of us and we are learning how to deal with what damage has been done, but we’re both furious that we were told in such an offhand manner (a CC’d letter to his GP from the neurologist) and that he has not been given any form of counselling or therapy because the stroke is ‘established’!

But it does explain his memory losses and other problems that he’s been having.

12 Week Scan!

On May 21st, we had our 12 week scan. All looked good, baby was a good size! Then only a few days later, I felt the baby move for the first time – very early, I know and I really wasn’t sure at first.  But I soon discovered that every time D massaged my back, I got a kick!

In June, we went on holiday to Turkey with Mel and Leigh – we had a fabulous time (even though I was a complete wimp on the plane, as usual!)

Turkey is very beautiful and I got used to bartering quickly, but it is a pain to go wandering around town and be constantly bombarded by people wanting to sell you stuff!

Kitten cuddles

Happy Holiday!

Even though I didn’t strip down to a bikini (to protect my bump), I did catch the sun and came home with a beautiful tan – D came home with sunburn LOL, but we really had a nice time!

We timed it just right too – it was starting to get unbearably hot the last couple of days we were there and I don’t think I could’ve coped if we had gone any later in the year.  I felt like I spent a lot of time just sitting in the pool because the water was cold as it was LOL.

We visited Ephasus and Pamukkale, Bodrum, took in shows, had a Turkish spa day – it was great.  I was even adopted by the hotel kitten!

We got home on June 18th and two days later (on my birthday!) Alex was admitted to hospital with some kind of bacterial infection. He was freezing, but had a temperature of 40 and his heart rate was all over the place. They did lots of tests, but didn’t seem to really know what was wrong and kept saying they wanted to keep him in for observation.

The first night was awful, he was overheating and the ward was noisy, then they moved him to another ward for further observation.

Except no one ‘observed’ him for over 7 hours and it took 3 hours just for someone to bring him a requested drink and paracetamol for a headache!! He got so pissed off at that point, he discharged himself and came home!

Four days later, we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time – it was great to finally hear it!

Then we went off to Woolfest!

We stayed with Karen and Tony on Thursday and Friday night. We went to Woolfest on Friday and poor D got dragged round and introduced to everyone – I think his head was spinning by the end of it all LOL

We couldn’t stay for Saturday as Kyle had his very first archery competition in Wareham on Sunday.  As they’re almost opposite ends of the country, we decided to drive back down on the Saturday and camp near the competition field.

All in all (traffic jams not withstanding) we had a fab weekend!

Of course, the week after Woolfest is the start of the Tour de France and I pulled out some gorgeous fibre I bought years ago from Freyalyn and decided to 3 ply it!

I actually only just finished it a few days ago and haven’t even wound it off yet, so you can’t see a pic as it’s still on bobbins, but I got loads and it’s going to make a gorgeous cardigan or something!

Then on 9th July, we had our 20 week scan!

It’s a boy!!

Yes, I’m going to have another boy – I actually wanted a girl to start off with, but as soon as the sonographer confirmed that he is healthy; I burst into relieved tears of joy that he’s ok!

He’s a good size and everything looks great!

We have now got all our equipment and a nice sized bundle of newborn and 0-3 month clothes – we’ve even upgraded the car! We’re now the proud owners of a Renault Scenic Alize!

Kyle attended another archery competition in Bournemouth mid July and had a great day – he beats his personal best nearly every time he shoots!

At the moment we are flat hunting locally for somewhere for Kyle.  He has a flat in Ryde, but it’s a 15 minute drive away and I must admit; I’d like him nearer us!

Getting bigger!!!

I will be 26 weeks pregnant by tomorrow and I’m MASSIVE! But all is going well and I feel fine!

I have to have a gestational diabetes test on Friday, but it’s standard procedure because I’m 39 and overweight!

I need to do some serious uploading to Photobucket (which has gotten dreadfully slow lately) so I can post you lots of pictures of everything LOL.

I will try to post more, but getting married and pregnant seems to have taken over my world! I’ve done very little knitting or spinning and I’m dreadfully behind – I keep wondering if I can learn to knit/spin while breastfeeding!!

Once I’ve got a decent computer to post from, hopefully I’ll post more!

Don’t worry, there will definitely be baby pics 😉

1 comment to I’m so bad!

  • Claire

    Hah, about time lol.
    Nice to see a long post from you.
    Naturally I know about everything here so nothing is new to me but it’s a good way to keep the memories alive for you.
    Lots of love. Cxx

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