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Hansen miniSpinner

So, I ordered the Hansen miniSpinner two weeks ago.

Claire and I ordered at the same time on the evening of Friday 2nd August.

We got our dispatch notices and tracking numbers in a matter of hours and eagerly followed its progress.

I just knew that the letter informing me of my customs charges would arrive when I was away at the weekend, so I text home on the morning of the 10th and asked Adam to open the letter and send me the reference number so I could pay it.

I had to pay £142.75 – that was all the charges for one cherry miniSpinner with Woolee Winder, a maintenance kit and the super lube grease.

The earliest I was able to arrange delivery was yesterday,  Tuesday 13th August.

As soon as it’s loaded on the delivery vehicle, tracking info becomes useless – it would be so cool if the delivery vehicles had GPS so you could follow it around the area and KNOW when it was coming down your road!

I spent the whole day jumping at every imagined noise outside the front door – at one point the chinchillas made a noise like knocking and I almost sent Jess flying in my haste to check the door!!!

It got to around 2pm and Claire sent me a message saying she was concerned as she had just checked the tracking info on hers and it said ‘held’ so she called ParcelForce immediately.

It turned out that although she had completed the payment via Worldpay and even had a receipt and had scheduled delivery, Worldpay hadn’t notified HMRC that payment had cleared so her miniSpinner wasn’t cleared for delivery!

What a stupid system!!! If it hadn’t cleared, then why did ParcelForce send her an email confirming payment and allow her to book a delivery day!

Poor Claire had to wait until today to receive hers.

My miniSpinner eventually turned up, I was so excited I took a picture of the delivery man!

He was rather nonplussed

Then I text Claire and asked if she wanted to FaceTime while I opened it, which she did.

It was very well packed and the first thing I saw when I opened it was the bag!

Hansen bag

So, I lifted that out and quickly admired it, then there was lots of paper and finally:


There it was, all nestled in!

I lifted it out and it was pretty much ready to go, all I had to do was plug it in! They even send you a fibre sample (with a note explaining what it is and where it comes from) for you to get you going, you can just see the fibre tucked behind the mS in the next pic:

miniSpinner with maintenance kit & sample fibre

It has a very clever switch – if you plug in the power cable first, then the foot switch; the foot switch works in ‘deadman’ mode, like a sewing machine.  If you plug the foot switch in before the power cable, you tap the switch to turn it on and off!

Action shot

I was up and running in no time at all – my rollator makes a good stand for it and because it has wheels; it’s easy to move the unit around the room.

I’m considering getting a little TV table especially for the mS though!

It took a couple of hours to spin and ply the sample fibre:

Sample all finished

Then I moved straight on to some lovely fibre that I bought from Daniella ages ago!

It’s spinning up very well and I’m enjoying being able to recline my feet up – especially with my sore knee at the moment.

Don’t worry, Sherry The Cherry will still get used – I actually prefer a wheel that you have to treadle; I feel it gives more control, I shall use the mS for plying mostly and for when my legs ache and I can’t treadle!

Claire’s mS arrived safe and sound at lunchtime today and she’s been happily plying some spindle spun singles all afternoon!!

2 comments to Hansen miniSpinner

  • Figured out from your posts on the Hansen boards that you bought your mS, then read the story. Congrat’s! I’m still holding out until I can play with one at Rhinebeck, but I fully expect to love it and take the plunge there.
    Although I had committed to go out of my way to bring one back for you in Oct, it is extremely helpful to know that I won’t have to. I think I’ll be struggling to bring everything back with me.

    Having said all this, how do you find your mS now that it’s been with you for a couple of weeks?
    Do you indeed mainly ply with it, or is it competing with the wheels for spinning as well?

    • Hi Linda, I’ve been waiting to see you on twitter – buy you haven’t been about, or I keep missing you LOL

      I LOVE it, I wanted it for when my legs and feet are bad and when I first got it, I spent a week spinning and doing precious little knitting! I finished a lovely 3 ply yarn SO quickly!

      I love everything about it, the fact that it’s easy to carry about (I took it to a spinning meet last weekend), the Woolee Winder is great and the device itself is so sensitive!

      I would definitely recommend one!

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