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Filofax stuff & Other stuff too!

Since deciding to go back to my filofax, I have accrued quite a lot of stationary – I have always loved stationary and I hadn’t realised how much I missed it!

Because of this, I have decided to start a journal to run alongside this blog – I use the blog to tell you things, but also to remind myself about things and the journal is an extention of that – I can write things in the journal that I wouldn’t dare put on here in case the person I’m moaning about reads it LOL

My new journal

Claire won an A5 Identity Filofax off eBay and gave it to me as a Christmas present and I’ve already started using it – in fact; I had one entry and spare pages all ready to go in it before Christmas!

I spent several hours yesterday writing about Christmas and what a good time we had at Matt’s.  I also stuck my Tom Bihn label in so I don’t lose it (if you click the pic, it’ll make it bigger). Claire has seen the pic and says I need to make my journal more colourful and I agree, but if I stop writing to add stuff; I lose the flow and I keep forgetting to leave spaces for stickers and stuff LOL

Maybe I’ll keep a pencil to hand so I can create spaces without having to stop, find a decent sticker, etc

I thought you’d like to see all my filofax ‘extras’ – I have a real thing about stickers and pens – they’re so fab! While I use a different colour each time I pick up my Malden, I use my fountain pen in my A5 – I did try to combine blue ink and red ink to make purple, but it didn’t really work!

Anyway, here are the boxes!

Washi Tape box & pencil case

The first box is a 2 litre Really Useful Box and in it I keep my rolls of Washi Tape (of which I plan to buy LOTS!) and a pen to write on the tape with.  At the moment that’s a Sharpie pen, but Angela says she uses a Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent pen to write on her Washi Tape. A quick Google shows that I can get a pack off Amazon for around £4!

Angela is actually the inspiration behind making my filofax more colourful, if you haven’t already go and read her blog, look for the weekly posts – her planner is insane! It’s so colourful and I want mine to look just like that! Maybe I’ll start doing that on here too!

In the pencil case are my double ended highlighters, a set of colouring pens, a very old mechanical pencil with a mega chunky lead in it, a couple of biros and an eraser.

Box 2

The rest of the boxes are 3 litre Really Useful Boxes. In box two – this is my most used box, by the way, is loads of stuff! I keep a pair of scissors, Sharpie pens, dry erase Sharpie pens, more colouring pens, gel pens, sticky tape, labels on a roll and still in the box – all divided up by category – are my stickers!

I have quite a few….well, ok a lot….of stickers, but they’re so much fun, I just wish I could find a way to carry them all in my filofax so I wouldn’t have to keep getting the box out LOL

Box 3

Box 3 is the least used box, it holds my old Personal Identity filofax which I’ve had for about 20 years – the sticker on the front reads ‘Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup’

The box also holds my Rapesco six hole punch, a two hole punch and a singular hole punch, correction fluid, a glue stick (I posted this pic on facebook and wrote glee stick – autocorrect – someone asked what a glee stick was; I said ‘for gleefully sticking stuff in my filofax LOL’) and jot pads for my Malden.

These boxes sit by my chair for easy access, they are all made by Really Useful Box and they’re…..well……really useful, actually! They come in a range of sizes and colours and you can buy trollies to store the boxes on and….and….it’s organisational heaven! If I had more room, I think I’d be buying a trolley to keep the boxes in!

My sticker guide

Before I forget, someone asked me if my Rapesco hole punch will punch A5 paper – yes it will.  I got one of my A5 pre-punched Filofax address sheets and slid the top three holes in one end of the punch until they were lined up with metal punch things, then I marked where the edge of the paper was with a yellow sticker.  Now, to punch A5 paper, slide the top edge of the paper up to the edge of the sticker closest to the middle of the punch and punch the holes.

Now, flip the paper over so the bottom edge is uppermost and slide that edge in, just as you did with the top edge. Press the punch and there you are! You have a punched A5 sheet.

Just make sure your metal hole punchy things are set furthest away from the centre of the punch for it to be accurate each time!

Swift, Yarn Stuff Sack, Toiletries bag & Namaste Buddy Case

I’ve organised my Tom Bihn Swift too, at first I had an issue with it keep falling over, but then I worked out this was due to overloading the pockets. So I debated buying the Organisation Pouches that Tom Bihn sells, but I would have to pay more tax to import the damn things.  Then I remembered a toiletries bag that Claire gave me this year, it’s quite bulky, but as you can see from the picture on the right somewhere; it slots in nicely next to my filofax, leaving enough room for the Yarn Stuff Sack.

The only thing I’m having a problem with at the moment is where to put my Namaste Buddy case, I have a crochet hook for if the dreads need tidying, a spare pen, needles, stitch markers, tape measure and stuff in it, I don’t like it being in the bottom of the Swift, but it’s too heavy for the Swifts pockets and is too bulky for the Yarn Stuff Sack!

Full Swift

I love how both the Swift and the Yarn Stuff Sack stand so well! I think I will be ordering more Yarn Stuff Sacks – none of my project bags stand as well as that one!

The toiletries bag holds make up, cream for my hands, cream for the rest of me, tablets, nail file and a bit of junk.

The Swift pockets house my glasses case, my flash drive, a little round tin which I keep decaf teabags in (surprising the amount of places that don’t sell decaf tea!) charger cables for my phone and iPad and a hair scrunchie!

I can also fit my iPad in the bag. Obviously this makes everything rather heavy and I’m seriously debating an iPad mini to carry about, but it does fit and it fits well! We’ll see how long it takes me to justify the cost of an iPad mini 😉

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