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The fight is between the pain and the insomnia!

When we moved, I had a bedroom, Alex had a bedroom and Jess shared a room with Adam.

After several weeks, Jess & Adam split up. And Adam started sleeping on the sofabed

But, Alex and I both suffer with DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder) and poor Adam was falling asleep waiting for us to go to bed!

Jess started to see a boy back on the Island and for two or three nights a week, she wasn’t here. So, I switched them! Adam moved back into the bedroom and she moved out!

We did that for a couple of weeks then she started to complain that she couldn’t sleep while we were in the room, so I gave in and swapped with her.

This means she is now in my room and I am sleeping in the lounge! I can happily go to sleep if Alex wants to stay up playing his computer – it doesn’t bother me at all.

Unfortunately, my pillows fall off the end of the sofabed (sleeping propped up makes my back ache less) and I kept waking in a lot of pain.

As a result, the pain this week is very bad, I gave up with the sofabed and went back to sleeping on the floor. While that was better, it still wasn’t right; I need to be propped up more with no risk of pillows escaping or me sliding down the bed while I sleep!

So, tonight I am sat on the (recliner) sofa! I have reclined my seat – not flat, but enough so that I’m propped – Isis has her space on the seat next to me, I’ve had a whammy pill, it’s late (3.33am) and I’m going to attempt to sleep here.

If this doesn’t work, I’m taking a whammy pill, ibuprofen and Nytol tomorrow night and if THAT doesn’t work; I’m going to the doctor in hysterics!!!

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