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Chores Lists

Chores List

Part of the reason I reactivated my filofax was to create a chores list I could follow.

I’m incredibly scatter-brained and I forget to do daily things very easily.

I also wanted to keep my new house really clean and tidy!

It took me a week or so to perfect it, but I’m happy with what I’ve come up with now – I’m maybe not 100% on the format, but that can be changed later. I’ll also dump stickers on it when I find some cool ones!

So, my daily list goes like this:

  • Put house phone by chair (as I’m usually buried under knitting, saves me moving if it ever rings)
  • Feed the pets
  • Make a loaf in the bread machine (if needed, which it usually is)
  • Groom Isis the Fluffy Puppy
  • Hang laundry and empty kitchen bins (general & recycling) into wheelie bins outside
  • Vacuum lounge

Then I can have a little rest and a cuppa, if required before doing the afternoon list (top of the picture)

  • Vacuum stairs & landing
  • Check J’s room is tidy
  • Wash up & wipe kitchen
  • Kitchen bins (if I didn’t do them with the morning chores)
  • Do a weekly chore

Then, I don’t have to do anymore chores until the evening. Evening chores are:

  • Cook & wash up
  • Bring in laundry
  • Fold & sort dry laundry/hang wet laundry on airer
  • Put housephone & iPad on charge
  • Put a load of laundry on to wash

That’s it for the daily chores! I do one ‘weekly chore’ after the afternoon chores and those are:

  • Blitz kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Put bins out – this is done on a Wednesday
  • Clean windows
  • Clean out chinchillas
  • Wash kitchen/hall/bathroom floor
  • Check the electric and gas meters

I don’t bother to tick the daily chores as I tend to do them in order – for example, I groom Isis and hang laundry before vacuuming so I don’t make carpet dirty again. I do, however, check the weekly chores as I don’t have a specific order for those (except the bins one) and I do whichever one I feel up to on the day.

Creating this chores list has made my life sooooooo much easier, it breaks the housework down into manageable chunks so I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed and I’m more inclined to do them!

At first it took ages to do each list and I really needed that sit down and cuppa between the morning and afternoon chores, but now I’m finding I tend to go from vacuuming the lounge straight to going up the stairs with the vacuum and getting on with the afternoon chores!

If you’re having problems with your day to day housework, write it down! It really does help, you tackle one chore at a time and then move onto the next one!

4 comments to Chores Lists

  • lyndsey-jane

    Great idea, i might tweak your list to suit me if you don’t mind, as a chores list is the only thing missing from my new filofax.

  • I really tried to make lists before… I’m a student and don’t do much in the house because I still live with my parents, but if it’s about routine … ohhhh routines … I forget simple things like pick up the papers or books before bed from the floor, for example, and my room seems to have suffered from a tornado visit almost every day upon waking.
    Simple things that should be automatic I don’t do, forget them … I listed my routines when I read the page FlyLady but put them in an A4 binder and I forgot about them, not even look at them.
    I will do lists again but for my Filofax Domino in both sizes, since I have them always with me will be simpler … I hope … to remember routines and get them done

    • Puddytatpurr

      That’s exactly what I’m like, stupid things like making sure the pets have water and putting the house phone on charge – so now everything gets written down!

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