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Isn’t it amazing how quickly everything changes and people too. One day you think everything is ok then the world explodes or something.

People who you thought were one thing suddenly become something else and that change screws up so many people and their lives… ripples in a pond.

I’ve lost a few people who were important in my life this year. Some I’m not bothered about, some I am. Most of those people left of their own accord and some I cut ties with myself – the ones I cut ties with I had to do, for various reasons.

And it hurt.

Those people were in my life deeply and now they’re gone. I miss the people they used to be and the places they held in my life. I wanted them in my new life so very much, but that obviously wasn’t meant to be.

Sometimes I feel like there’s nobody left other than my family and everyone within the family is dealing with their own problems without worrying about me, I know I have at least one really good friend left and I hope they know how much I love them, but when I’m here in the dark with my phone in my hand, there’s no one I can ‘disturb’ in the small hours because the ones I want to disturb don’t want me in their lives anymore

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