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Well, you’ll never guess where I am!

Remember the post ‘Gutted‘?

After that post we started house hunting again – we found a house in Lordshill that we liked, we put a deposit down and signed the paperwork expressing interest.

The following morning the letting agent told me the landlord had pulled out.

I […]

A bit of what I’ve been doing lately

Right, so where are we…..

I guess the first thing is; the eggs didn’t survive – I don’t know whether they were duds to start with, or whether my handling killed them. But they all shrivelled up within a week of me moving them.

I recently got to be […]


I’ve been a bit worried about Star, she hasn’t eaten for the past three weeks – that’s longer than Albert goes and he’s fully grown!

This week, I decided to try and feed her first without having the other two out dividing my attention.


I got her out of the viv and took […]


Daffyd didn’t make it.

His colour was good and he wasn’t emaciated, but when I found him he was wedged tightly under the washer and I did a laundry load the day before.

His neck doesn’t look right and we think he may have suffered injuries at some point.


Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Back in December, I told you that one of my snakes – Daffyd – had escaped. I got up one morning to find a vent on the back of the vivarium had been popped off and he had vanished.

I was devastated!

Well, after a few weeks there was […]


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been introducing Albert to Star & Frank.

It’s very nerve wracking, because the younger two look so small next to him and the thought ‘WTF do I do if he strikes one of them?’ constantly runs through your head!

Star exploring her new home

Well, it all […]


I didn’t blog at ALL last month.

How remiss of me!

So thiis is going to be another one of those catchup posts where I ramble incoherently LOL. If you read my blog then you’re used to those. If you haven’t been here before; then I’m sorry!

So……let’s start with the socks. I am up […]

Lots of stuff

Sooooooooo, let me see. It’s been a month since I last wrote anything here and naturally, as soon as I get here; my mind goes blank.

So, as per usual, this post will probably be a bit rambly LOL.

First of all, Matt turned 18! I’m planning on taking him out clubbing tomorrow night – […]

How my new year started!

Happy 2011!

Did you have a good holiday? Did you get lots of goodies and eat lots of cake?

Did you see the new year in? I was going to be all boring and stay at home as I had had a bad insomnia attack the night before, but Kaz, Ashley & Cara came and […]

Today I……

………..have bought Christmas presents on, made purchases and left feedback on eBay, sent a paypal payment, booked ferry tickets and done the usual Twitter/Facebook/surfing Ravelry all on my iPad!!

Surfing has been quick – not sure if that’s because it’s off my wifi or not. I’m waiting for my sim card to arrive from […]