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Oh dear….

It appears I’ve been a bit slack with the updating of my blog.

I was just sorting out my Photobucket account and I realised I haven’t posted anything since Week 15!

So, let’s start with Week 16!!

Week 16

On the Sunday, I bleached J’s hair, then she […]

Some stuff I sewed!

So, I still have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine – it only seems to co-operate after I’ve slagged it off to everyone. Then it acts like butter wouldn’t melt in it’s mouth and sews flawlessly!

Alex…or Sideshow Bob?

But, we worked – somewhat argumentatively – this week to […]

Oops, I got a bit behind!!

I forgot to post Week 5:

Week 5

Not loads going on, mostly bills. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the spin and natter at Jumble Jelly on Saturday; I just couldn’t afford all the petrol (it’s about 120 miles round trip!)

We popped over to the Island on Wednesday […]

Week 4

So, we’re now into week 4. Here’s my pic!

Week 4

It’s been a week of cancellations: I had to cancel Alex’s dentist appointment, then the tiler never turned up on Saturday – which really annoyed me as I cancelled plans to go to spinning guild because he was supposed […]

Week 3

If you live in the UK, it can hardly have escaped your notice that it snowed last week!

It started at 5am on Friday morning and snowed for most of the day! I woke to a gorgeous scene outside my bedroom window – it looked just like a Christmas card!

Week 2

Week 2

So, that was week 2! The tree surgeon came out Monday and chopped down some trees in the back garden, the plumber came and stared at the new puddle mark under the bath, Isis had a bath, I won some skirts on eBay, Alex babysat twice and so on!


I […]

What I’ve been up to

Hmmmm, it’s been a while – how are you all? First and foremost, let me reassure you that I am going to Woolfest! My gorgeous friend Claire beat Rita and Rosanna to the punch by phoning me and squealing “MEEEEEEEEE!” down the phone at me LOL.

We’ve got it all arranged – we’re going to […]


Anyone who knows me well knows I have this conviction that sewing machines are the work of the devil!

You press a pedal and the thing goes crazy! This little needle bounces up and down, you get a big tangle of thread and a snapped needle!

You do!

After telling Helen this on twitter; she […]


All thanks to Helen; I have caught the sewing bug.

I put a £20 deposit down on a second hand machine from my local Singer centre this week.

Last night, I got thinking – what should be in one’s sewing box? I started to make a list, this is what I’ve got so far: […]