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Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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A bit of what I’ve been doing lately

Right, so where are we…..

I guess the first thing is; the eggs didn’t survive – I don’t know whether they were duds to start with, or whether my handling killed them. But they all shrivelled up within a week of me moving them.

I recently got to be […]

Bit of a catch up

Hmmmm things happen and I keep forgetting to add them in – you know how it goes! So I may come back and edit this post as I think of things (which, as I stated before; I hate other people doing LOL), but I’ll try and remember it all before publishing the post!

First off; […]

A painful few days & A New Beginning

On Thursday I came down with a migraine. It was quite a bad one and I, stupidly, ate dinner after taking a pain killer.

Dinner added nausea and a general feeling of bleurgh to the whole migraine experience.

On Friday I felt absolutely awful and I actually spent the entire day lying on the sofa […]

Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics

The Winter Olympic games started on Friday 12th February.

In the knitting/crochet/spinning community; this means 12 days of frantic crafting. The idea is to challenge yourself.

During last years Ravelympics, I made Cinnamon Latte for my mum. It was my first lace project and I finished it just in time.

This time; I shall be […]


My second son, Matt, has a heart defect.

He has a VSD (Ventrical Septal Defect – a hole in other words) and aortic regurgitation.

The VSD acted like a vacuum and sucked, the aorta valve was pulled toward it.

He had surgery 6 years ago to plug the VSD and give the aorta a ‘lift’. […]

It’s finished!

I didn’t go to sleep last night and I’ve managed to get it finished! Hooray!!!

Nearly there!

I took my shawl to show the others at the knitting group last night — it’s been such hard work, I guess I just wanted reassurance from experienced knitters that it’s all going ok! Daft, eh!?

I just hope that it’ll be finished by Sunday and that I won’t run […]

Tick, Tick, Tick – will I have enough wool??

I didn’t get as much done last night as Tuesday nights are cinema-and-Tesco’s night with mum. We went to see the new Mummy film, compared to the others it was bloody rubbish!

My main worry now is that I’m going to run out of wool before the shawl is actually finished, I’ve been amazed […]

Made loads of progress!

Sometimes I love being an insomniac – I got loads done on that shawl since posting on Sunday morning…I was going to post last night, but I’d over done it and given myself the mother of all migraines – I had to find my way to my bed and get undressed with my eyes closed.


Shawl progress

Well, it’s the last day of the olympics and it’s not finished – gutted! Oh well, I’m still going on with it, it goes fine until I hit one of the pattern rows – they’re all K2tog and yarn overs and I always end up with one stitch too few or too many at the […]