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400g Lace Humbug

400g Northern Lights FINISHED!!
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100g Faux Cashmere FINISHED!!



Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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Rambly post

Sorry I’ve been so quiet! No excuse really, just one of those things.

I finally got over the flu, gawd I felt ill! It took so long for the coughing to stop, then it simmered down to needing to clear my throat every five minutes – it was exhausting!

I still haven’t plied the fibre […]

Operation Craft Room – Complete

As I reported earlier today; I have finally finished the Craft Room.

I have spent the day tidying, sorting, vacuuming then washing then vacuuming again and finally finally, it’s done!

Here are some pictures for you (click em to make em bigger)

This is just inside the door:

This is opposite the door, you can […]


I have finished painting the craft room!

It looks great and I’m just letting the paint dry now before sorting it all and getting it exactly how I want it.

It should be an hour before the paint is dry.

I’ll post pictures for you later

I have an announcement

I just thought you’d like to know…..


I found it today!

Amazing what you find when you tidy up LOL


I feel like having a moan.

I still haven’t heard about the Majacraft Rose! I’m getting so pissed off with waiting and I realise that I couldn’t have gone this weekend because Sarah wasn’t available, but at least it would’ve been there and mine!

I decided that my breadmaker wasn’t up to the task of […]

Ten Hours Later

I keep going in and looking at that skirting board…

I’ve completely changed my mind now, it looks awful – plasticky and tacky (I mean cheap, not wet paint).

Thankfully a big chest of drawers is going there (which is why I experimented there) and I won’t bother with the rest of the woodwork; I’ll […]

Operation Craft Room – Update

I have been working on this, but it’s taking forever and I’m so fed up with it and I just want it to be done already!

I’ve done about 70% of the walls (I’m having to do it in sections because the room isn’t empty and I have to shift stuff around) and I wanted […]

Craft room

There was a slight hiccup in the Craft Room Project. I came down with the flu – thankfully not Swine Flu, just the regular kind and all I could do was lie on the sofa and try to convince the children I was dying. They didn’t believe me! I, thankfully, didn’t die and today felt […]

Shopping for supplies

My mum has a discount card for B&Q; it’s available for all people over a certain age (it’s either 60 or 65) and it gives a 10% discount. Unfortunately, it can only be used on Wednesdays. So today we went shopping for supplies to decorate the craft room. I bought some cheap white paint because […]

The desk has sold

I got a phone call last night, someone wants to buy my desk! So today, I vacuumed the floor – who’d’ve thought there was a floor in there! – then I moved everything off the desk and onto an available bit of floor cos there’s a floor in there, ya know. Now I’m just waiting […]