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Week 24

This weeks picture:

Week 24

So, on Sunday, Jess went to stay at Sams on the Island. Adam was supposed to be going to visit his family too, but they cancelled.

On Monday, I was supposed to meet up with Janey, but I was just so tired after […]

Oh dear….

It appears I’ve been a bit slack with the updating of my blog.

I was just sorting out my Photobucket account and I realised I haven’t posted anything since Week 15!

So, let’s start with Week 16!!

Week 16

On the Sunday, I bleached J’s hair, then she […]

Week 3

If you live in the UK, it can hardly have escaped your notice that it snowed last week!

It started at 5am on Friday morning and snowed for most of the day! I woke to a gorgeous scene outside my bedroom window – it looked just like a Christmas card!

It’s all over for another year!

So, did you have a good Christmas? I did!

Alex, Jess, Adam and I went back to the Isle of Wight for Christmas. We caught the 6pm ferry from Southampton and stopped off at the pub for dinner with Rachel and RahRah from Isle of Wight Stitch & Bitch, dropped Adam […]

The Phantom of The Opera

I love the Phantom of The Opera – I love the music, the romance, the way it makes me cry every single time I watch it, the way I get goosebumps when that music starts and the way Christine loves him as much as he loves her really.

Several years ago […]

Future plans

Our holiday this year is going to be in the UK – there’s so much here we haven’t seen/experienced.

We’re planning to go away for about a month, drive oop norf over the course of a week, then spend a few weeks in Scotland then spend a week driving back down […]


As I told you here, my mother has just retired.

This week, not only did she turn 68 but the Cheshire Home threw her a retirement party and I was invited too!

I don’t know what either of us were expecting really, my mother doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has the reputation of being a […]


My mum works nights and she has two jobs.

Her first job is with the Leonard Cheshire Foundation. She’s been there for over 20 years and works the shift from 9.45pm – 8.15am. She works most Christmasses and New Years and bank holidays. Most of the people are physically disabled.

Her second job is with […]

This week

Hmmmmmmm, this is probably going to be quite a long post, so be warned!

Phantom of the Opera – loved it! It was amazing! The young man who played the Phantom was Nic Greensheilds and his performance was so inspiring, I was in absolute floods of tears!

On the way to London we stopped at […]

Mum’s Birthday Shawl

I finished Mum’s birthday shawl yesterday. I was going to just carry on with Louhi and not start anything else, but it felt so chunky and my hands started to hurt, so I cast on for a pattern from Victorian Lace Today, called Miss Lamberts Shetland Shawl, it’s on page 50.

I’m knitting in yarn […]