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Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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A letter to my husband….and everyone else

So, we’re now separated….that sucks!

You know why, deep down in your heart; you know. As for everyone else; it’s none of your business – which is why I haven’t posted any details on social media, I’ve tried to keep this OFF social media but D isn’t letting me do that. 

So, I’ve spent some […]


I feel a bit pathetic really asking for hugs when some of you are dealing with cancer, death and other things worse than me.

But, I need to whinge a bit.

You may or may not know I got diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel) a few weeks ago […]


The fight is between the pain and the insomnia!

When we moved, I had a bedroom, Alex had a bedroom and Jess shared a room with Adam.

After several weeks, Jess & Adam split up. And Adam started sleeping on the sofabed

But, Alex and I both […]

Panic Attacks

I went to a new Stitch & Bitch tonight. New as in new to me. It was an established group.

First of all, Mum came to visit today – I picked her up, we visited Wickes, had a quick look round Romsey and then I bought her back here.

Be warned!

imagine you’ve just split from your boyfriend, you’re depressed and a bit unsure on how to fill your time.

A mutual friend says “I have an Xbox I don’t use; you can have it”

He brings the Xbox around. Four months later you send him a private message on […]


I must admit, I’m starting to struggle with this sock challenge.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! I am still loving socks and want to knit the 300+ in my queue, but I miss spinning…..and knitting lace shawls…….and big chunky sweaters!

I don’t have time to do ANY of these; […]

This is gonna be a long one……

Where do I start….?

First of all, I have quit caffeine. Now, anyone who knows me knows that this is a big thing – I drink a lot of tea! I’m now drinking Rebush tea instead. At first, I thought it was a bit ugh as it smells slightly funky, but […]

The weather strikes again

After missing out on the tennis at the beginning of the month, I got myself into the mindset that if it was going to snow then so be it. I had ordered my shopping and I could just hole up here where it’s warm and dry and look out the window and marvel how pretty […]


Weird day.

Everything started off great. I got up and we packed some stuff into the camper for out holiday next week (we’re going camping in Scotland).

Then Alex and I went into town to return some library books and get some shopping. While there we got a new string for his guitar and put […]

A painful few days & A New Beginning

On Thursday I came down with a migraine. It was quite a bad one and I, stupidly, ate dinner after taking a pain killer.

Dinner added nausea and a general feeling of bleurgh to the whole migraine experience.

On Friday I felt absolutely awful and I actually spent the entire day lying on the sofa […]