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400g Lace Humbug

400g Northern Lights FINISHED!!
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Winghams Batt FINISHED!!


100g Faux Cashmere FINISHED!!



Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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3 Weeks Worth in one

Well, you just knew I wasn’t going to post, didn’t you!

So, let’s get down to it!

Week 35

Week 35, not a lot happened really, but it was a good week.

I worked the bank holiday Monday – we decided to open to see how it would go. It […]

Week 33

Week 33

Week 33 has been reasonably quiet.

I got home from Jack Up The 8o’s quite late on Sunday evening. I was shattered, sore and sunbunrt!

I spent Monday just resting – I didn’t have much choice as my knees were agony and I could barely bend […]

Hansen miniSpinner

So, I ordered the Hansen miniSpinner two weeks ago.

Claire and I ordered at the same time on the evening of Friday 2nd August.

We got our dispatch notices and tracking numbers in a matter of hours and eagerly followed its progress.

I just knew that the […]

I am such a bad blogger!

I am soooooooo bad! I haven’t blogged in ages so I’m going to get right on with it!

Week 29

Week 29 was my good deed week and other than giving Isis a haircut, not much else happened – it was a good week though! I’ve started a new experiment; I’m keeping […]

Week 27


Week 27

Week 27 was pretty quiet.

We travelled home from Woolfest on Sunday, it was a bit of a nightmare really – the traffic was terrible and it took about 10 hours from Cumbria to Romsey!

We were all shattered once we got here.



I’ve done some recalculation on the miniSpinner now I’ve decided not to get the lace flyer, I also discovered postage will be $15 less than I thought (although, there’s a good possibility he may offer free worldwide postage at Christmas!)

miniSpinner – $895 maintenance kit – $29 postage – $60 Total is $955 Converted it’s […]

Week 23

This weeks picture:

Week 23

On Monday, I went to the doctor; I’ve been experiencing chronic pain in both feet when I stand up, mostly under the heels but the pain goes right up to the knees. He diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis with mild tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. He gave me some […]

Week 22

Here’s the piccie!

Week 22

Not really that busy this week.

On Tuesday, I went to the dentist and had my crown replaced – I broke a tooth when I was a child and had a crown fitted. The crown served me well for years, but recently (as […]

The miniSpinner update

I have read (almost) the entire Hansen eSpinner forum on Ravelry LOL

Bex has told me that after some careful oiling; hers is now running a LOT better and she may not need the lace flyer after all!

I’m going to hers next week to have a play with […]