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Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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Hmmmm, I’ve been quite quiet lately, I haven’t posted since the 12th.

OK, so since then I have celebrated my 35th birthday, remembered my dad who died 3 years ago on the same day – it was doubly hard this year as my birthday was also father’s day.

I also did a lot of discount […]


My beloved Rose has developed a creak!

It’s awful and sounds like a door in a really dreadful horror movie!

At first I thought it was the hinge (which is a recurring problem), but the problem didn’t go away after I oiled it.

After some investigation; we discovered that the squeak is coming from the […]

Her name is Kirsty

Look what’s arrived:

Within an hour, I knew her name was Kirsty! […]

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I seem to be waiting a lot at the moment.

Jess has a stomach bug and spent over four hours vomiting every 20-30 minutes last night. I got a total of 4 hours sleep before I had to get up and go to a nail appointment.

I called Parcel Force Solent this morning to be […]

Customs = FAIL

Well, it’s the day before Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow is the last possible day for parcel delivery.

My wheel travelled halfway around the globe in 3 days.

It’s still sitting in customs.

Merry Christmas.

Time is running out!

I had an e-mail at the last week telling me my Rose was in stock.

Later, I received the tracking info and I’ve been impatiently checking it every day….several times a day!

It was picked up at 2.35pm on the 16th (I assume that’s local time?). It left New Zealand at 9.45am the following day.


Cut me a break

I seem to be having one of those days, you know?

The Majacraft dealer got back to me and said not only had I missed delivery for UK before Christmas but apparently there’s a backlog on orders to Majacraft anyway.

So I’ve had to cancel the order.

A woman complained on our local fibre crafts […]

Majacraft Rose

It’s been four weeks since I registered interest with Hedgehog Equipment.

Needless to say, I’m a bit pissed off with the wait.

Last night someone suggested looking into importing direct from New Zealand where Majacraft are manufactured.

I found a dealers website, contacted HM Revenue & Customs to find out the import duty and VAT […]


I feel like having a moan.

I still haven’t heard about the Majacraft Rose! I’m getting so pissed off with waiting and I realise that I couldn’t have gone this weekend because Sarah wasn’t available, but at least it would’ve been there and mine!

I decided that my breadmaker wasn’t up to the task of […]

Did I mention I hate waiting?

I sent Hedgehog a polite e-mail on Thursday requesting an update on stock, but have had no response.

I was seriously considering phoning P&M Woolcraft and asking him if he’d price match, but there’s no point now as Sarah isn’t available to meet next weekend so I’d have to wait until the following week.

Of […]