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Recent Posts



Oh dear….

Has it really been 3 month since I posted?? Wow, I have no idea what’s happened there LOL

I won’t post weekly filofax pictures, otherwise this would end up being a monster post and quite frankly; I can’t be bothered. So, I’ll give you a quick run through!

Week […]

More Weeks!

Tut, the whole idea of me doing these weekly photos was to encourage me to blog weekly too!

I keep forgetting and getting distracted – sorry!

So, more catch-up!

Week 8

Erm….I hope you can see that the correct way up! It’s sideways here!

It’s all over for another year!

So, did you have a good Christmas? I did!

Alex, Jess, Adam and I went back to the Isle of Wight for Christmas. We caught the 6pm ferry from Southampton and stopped off at the pub for dinner with Rachel and RahRah from Isle of Wight Stitch & Bitch, dropped Adam […]

Well, you’ll never guess where I am!

Remember the post ‘Gutted‘?

After that post we started house hunting again – we found a house in Lordshill that we liked, we put a deposit down and signed the paperwork expressing interest.

The following morning the letting agent told me the landlord had pulled out.

I […]

21 years

Exactly 21 years ago, I became a mother for the first time.

I was in labour for three days, I had an epidural and was a right drama queen about the whole thing lol!

Kyle was born weighing exactly 7lbs.

Now, he’s nearly 6ft tall and is […]

The Phantom of The Opera

I love the Phantom of The Opera – I love the music, the romance, the way it makes me cry every single time I watch it, the way I get goosebumps when that music starts and the way Christine loves him as much as he loves her really.

Several years ago […]


I didn’t blog at ALL last month.

How remiss of me!

So thiis is going to be another one of those catchup posts where I ramble incoherently LOL. If you read my blog then you’re used to those. If you haven’t been here before; then I’m sorry!

So……let’s start with the socks. I am up […]

Doctor Kyle

A year or so ago, I don’t remember now, I offered to make Kyle a Doctor Who scarf. We decided to the Season 18 scarf, but we couldn’t find the correct colours, so Kyle chose black, red and a sort of mustard colour.

I got knitting and I must’ve got about halfway through it before […]


Weird day.

Everything started off great. I got up and we packed some stuff into the camper for out holiday next week (we’re going camping in Scotland).

Then Alex and I went into town to return some library books and get some shopping. While there we got a new string for his guitar and put […]

It hit the fan – again

You may remember my son, Kyle, having a break down in August.

Since then, he has been thrown out of college because they can’t assure the safety of other students and the staff.

On Monday we saw a psychiatrist for an assessment. It all seemed to go well, although it was obviously upsetting for Kyle […]