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iPad woes

Just after Christmas, my son Alex asked to borrow my iPad 2 while he went to visit his new girlfriend-to-be, Becky as she didn’t have a TV.

I loaded it up with films and dropped him off at her flat in Swindon.

He was due to stay all weekend, […]

What’s in my bag….er rollator seat

Due to the fact that it’s not easy to carry a bag while using my rollator; I have turned the seat underneath into my handbag!


From left to right: My disability badge, my iPad mini, my makeup case (containing: makeup, nail file, medication, deodorant, hand cleanser & cream, a […]


Alex loves online games – he’s been playing Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic since it came out.

But our computer is not really up to the task – the fps is slow which chronically effects gameplay.

Last year he started researching gaming computers with a view to […]

Filofax stuff & Other stuff too!

Since deciding to go back to my filofax, I have accrued quite a lot of stationary – I have always loved stationary and I hadn’t realised how much I missed it!

Because of this, I have decided to start a journal to run alongside this blog – I use the blog […]

Rambly post

Sorry I’ve been so quiet! No excuse really, just one of those things.

I finally got over the flu, gawd I felt ill! It took so long for the coughing to stop, then it simmered down to needing to clear my throat every five minutes – it was exhausting!

I still haven’t plied the fibre […]

Wanna buy a Mac Mini?

Yeah, I’m still using the iPad and I’m still loving it!

I disabled the auto lock yesterday and left it on with TwitBird running – which I would do with a laptop/desktop and it lasted all afternoon and most of the evening before the battery died.

I was quite impressed!

My only bugbear is that […]

Today I……

………..have bought Christmas presents on, made purchases and left feedback on eBay, sent a paypal payment, booked ferry tickets and done the usual Twitter/Facebook/surfing Ravelry all on my iPad!!

Surfing has been quick – not sure if that’s because it’s off my wifi or not. I’m waiting for my sim card to arrive from […]

So, the first day has passed

Forgive me; I have NO idea what this post will look like; it seems blogger won’t let me use compose mode, so I’m having to write this in HTML mode lol.

I didn’t use my Mac yesterday, but that may have been more because I wasn’t HERE yesterday!

Matt and I went to Southampton as […]

To follow on

I’ve actually been thinking about the last line in my last post and while it was said in jest; I actually started to wonder…what do I use my computer for?

I sit next to my computer when I’m in my craftroom and I have tweetdeck running so I can keep up with twitter and Facebook, […]

I succumbed

Unless you’re a hermit, you will probably have heard of the iPad!

I ignored the hype, what did I need an iPad for?  I’ve got a classic iPod, an iPod Touch and an iPhone 4 – I don’t need an iPad.  It helped that, because there are no Apple stores here, I hadn’t actually seen/touched […]