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Some stuff I sewed!

So, I still have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine – it only seems to co-operate after I’ve slagged it off to everyone. Then it acts like butter wouldn’t melt in it’s mouth and sews flawlessly!

Alex…or Sideshow Bob?

But, we worked – somewhat argumentatively – this week to […]

Filofax stuff & Other stuff too!

Since deciding to go back to my filofax, I have accrued quite a lot of stationary – I have always loved stationary and I hadn’t realised how much I missed it!

Because of this, I have decided to start a journal to run alongside this blog – I use the blog […]

Hyperlink to open in a new window

I’ve just learned a new trick today!

Do you remember when I told you how to create a hyperlink? Well, today I learned what to do to make that hyperlink open in a new window, like this!

First you need your link as before, let’s pick good ol Google and because of my location, I’m […]

Casting on TAAT ML Socks

I’ve told you how to do TAAT socks using ML from the toe up, but to work TAAT socks using ML from the cuff down is different.

The cast on itself is very tricky.

Cast on your stitches for your first sock. I use a cable cast on.

Find the halfway point and pull your […]

Baroque – my version

I just started making Baroque, beautiful socks – but the instructions seem stupidly difficult (with all due respect to Janice King).

I came up with a cable-needleless way of doing the TCR and TCL stitches. I have listed my instructions in italics and put a strikethrough like this through their instructions that you don’t need!


Continental Knitting

Unlike everyone else at my knitting group and my mother (who taught me to knit), I knit continental! thisgoodlife has asked how to keep tension while knitting and purling continental so I knocked up this little tutorial for her and you. I knit exactly the same way as everyone else except I hold the yarn […]

How to knit TAAT (Two At A Time) Socks

Karmastitch on Ravelry just asked me how you knit two at a time socks and as she flattered me by complimenting me on my blog, I told her I’d write a tutorial! There are obviously a couple of ways to knit a sock: toe up, cuff down, DPNs, Two circs, Magic Loop. I’m going to […]

E-mail link

This is a follow on from my hyperlink how-to.

Have you ever been on a website and seen a hyperlink that says send us an e-mail and you click on e-mail and it takes you to your e-mail program with the address already filled in?

Clever, isn’t it.

It’s VERY simple to do.

Type […]


I have written several tutorials throughout my blog, I’m going to do this whenever I see one and they will be tagged with How-to so that you can find them if you’re so inclined!

Today’s how-to is hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks allow you to type in a word and then make that word a link that will […]

How to read a knitting chart

This seems to come up a lot on Ravelry, so I thought I’d give you a tutorial – cos I’m nice like that!

These instructions are for the majority of charts and I’m assuming that you know a little bit of knitting here!

A chart is made up of lots […]