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The Great American Aran Afghan

I never got around to showing you the full blanket.

I managed to snag a quick picture today.

Yes, that’s my Mum – *sigh*

The Great American Aran Afghan

I started the Great American Aran Afghan in September 2008.

It was supposed to be for Christmas that year for my Mum.

I was doing well and averaging about a day a square. Then I got fed up with it and started a few other projects and just never went back to it.

I finally […]

Great American Aran Afghan

I’ve been working on the Great American Aran Afghan for over a year now.

Today I finally knit the 20th square.

Now I’ve just got to sew it together!

Project Basket

Look what Mel gave me! I showed her a picture of one of these in the catalogue, I thought it’d be ideal to use as a basket to carry my current WIP’s around in. She gave me this one today, said it was sitting in her loft doing nothing. It’s not really my colour, but […]

Squares 9 & 10

I finally finished Square 9 by Jay Campbell – I hated it!! I frogged it twice before I got the jist of the pattern – I really need to find an alternative to DPN’s, I just can’t be bothered to learn a new method, although I think I might try two circulars for the square […]

Square 7

Here’s square 7 by Ginette Belanger, my hands hurt now – they usually do if I have to do a lot of knitting/purling stitches together.

Square 5…finally

I did NOT enjoy this square by Kathleen T. Carty! It was really hard work and felt like it took AGES! I’d never knitted a corner before and it took me a while to work out the instructions, but here it is!


Square 4

:Sigh: My aim to do a square a day died last night, I had a migraine attack and couldn’t finish square 4 by Meredith K. Morioko. I got up (off the floor!) this morning and decided to go on Ravelry before starting today’s knitting – WHY do I do that?? Ravelry wastes soooooo much time […]

Square 3, Kyle @ college, on the floor…

Here’s Square 3 by Marian Tabler, took me a while longer this one, couldn’t get the gist of the pattern and had to rip back every now and then. But, I finally finished it about 2 o’clock this morning. I’m aiming for a square a day — I have no life lol.

Kyle started college […]

The Great American Aran Afghan

My new project is the Great American Aran Afghan, now to be known as GAAA! It’s a large blanket made up from all different squares – Google it – there are loads of pics on the web.

I’ve done two squares already – the Judy Sumner (Square 1) and Julie H Levy (Square […]