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Customer photos

Do you remember the Salami Socks? Well, Tasha is getting married and her friend Emma offered to knit her some knee high socks for her wedding day.

Well, Tasha chose yarn from me and as they were knee high socks, asked me to dye up two skeins. I did this and sent them free […]

I won an award!

In fact, I’ve won two thngs this week!

First, I won the Creative Crafting Blog of Month award from the Creative Crafting group. Go on over and have a look at their site.

A bunch of women got together and decided to create an online crafting magazine. This months magazine is only issue 6 and […]

So, let’s see how many people really read my blog LOL

Today – 3rd July – is my bloggaversary. This year it’s been two years since I first started blogging.

So much has happened since then!

My knitting has really taken off, I’ve learned to spin, I’ve learned to dye, I’m trying to get my business off the ground.

Today I came to the realisation that […]

Hmmmm, I’ve been quite quiet lately, I haven’t posted since the 12th.

OK, so since then I have celebrated my 35th birthday, remembered my dad who died 3 years ago on the same day – it was doubly hard this year as my birthday was also father’s day.

I also did a lot of discount […]

A First FO with Fluffosity Yarn!

My friend, Rita, has bought yarn from my shop and has made a gorgeous little shawlette with it and I just had to show you all!

It’s modelled by her beautiful daughter, Charlotte, who refused to give me a shot of her pretty face too! Shame, it looks lovely on her! […]

Advertising on Ravelry

Last month, I applied for an advertising spot on Ravelry.

My ad went live today! Look!

Not sure what to look for, let me help you!


I felted a bucket and Fibreholics again!

A while ago, I decided to spin up all the samples I got from the Fibreholics and Phat Fiber boxes last year into one long single, then I spun up the fibre that I dyed months ago. I plied the dyed fibre with the single of samples until I got the yarn I mentioned in […]


This week, fluffosity started selling hand dyed yarn.

I collected 10k of yarn from Andy at Wonderwool, 7 of sock and 3 of lace but I haven’t felt up to dyeing anything until this week.

Well, I’ve had an absolute blast! It’s so much more fun than dyeing fibre and I had 3 people nagging […]

Frustration and Impatience

I am my own worst enemy! Well, anyone who knows me well knows that!

I have no patience at all. If I want something; I want it right now! If I can’t do something, I get absolutely furious with myself and shout at everyone!

I get frustrated so easily too, which I guess ties it […]


I’ve updated the shop a few more times since it opened.