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Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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Week 7

So, here is my Week 7 pic.

Week 7

On Monday, I sorted out my craft cupboard, I moved out all of my fleece (which is for sale by the way) and tidied up – I actually had room to squish my sewing table in there once I was done!

On Wednesday […]

Oops, I got a bit behind!!

I forgot to post Week 5:

Week 5

Not loads going on, mostly bills. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the spin and natter at Jumble Jelly on Saturday; I just couldn’t afford all the petrol (it’s about 120 miles round trip!)

We popped over to the Island on Wednesday […]


Monster Stash!

Today, I decided to sort out the stash cupboard!

Before I moved, I had a whole room to house my stash, but moving meant downsizing and the room downsized to a cupboard!

Miraculously, it all fit, but I couldn’t really get at anything so today I […]

Things I have learned…

…when preparing fleece.

I have managed to acquire quite a bit of fleece over the past six months. First I bought some Corriedale and some Merino from James, then at Wonderwool; I bought Ryeland, BFL, BFL X Corrie, Alpaca and so on.

I decided this week to start cleaning the merino fleece – anyone who […]