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Week 23

This weeks picture:

Week 23

On Monday, I went to the doctor; I’ve been experiencing chronic pain in both feet when I stand up, mostly under the heels but the pain goes right up to the knees. He diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis with mild tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. He gave me some […]

Week 22

Here’s the piccie!

Week 22

Not really that busy this week.

On Tuesday, I went to the dentist and had my crown replaced – I broke a tooth when I was a child and had a crown fitted. The crown served me well for years, but recently (as […]

This week….and last week too!

Tut, not very good at this weekly blogging thing, am I?

Anyway, week 20:

Week 20

On Monday, I went to Eastleigh with Alex to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

If you haven’t yet seen this; GO!!!

It is a fab film, they did a really good job of keeping […]

Oh dear….

It appears I’ve been a bit slack with the updating of my blog.

I was just sorting out my Photobucket account and I realised I haven’t posted anything since Week 15!

So, let’s start with Week 16!!

Week 16

On the Sunday, I bleached J’s hair, then she […]

What’s in my bag….er rollator seat

Due to the fact that it’s not easy to carry a bag while using my rollator; I have turned the seat underneath into my handbag!


From left to right: My disability badge, my iPad mini, my makeup case (containing: makeup, nail file, medication, deodorant, hand cleanser & cream, a […]

Weeks 14 & 15

Not quite sure what happened to last weeks post, so I’ll squish two in together!

Week 14’s pic:

Week 14

On Sunday, I went to visit Rosanne and return some books she’s loaned me.

On Tuesday, I went to Test Valley council and bought a RADAR […]

Week 13

Here is this weeks pic:

I saw a doctor on Thursday; I’m suffering from restless legs (“do stretches & drink more water”), sleeping propped on sofa due to my back (“that’s fine, the French used to sleep sat up”), panic attacks (“you have a lot going on right now”) and […]

Week 12

Oops, a day or so late, but here’s Week 12:

Week 12

On Monday, I called the letting agent to report we had a fence panel coming down. I gave Isis a haircut and discovered she was in season and I wrote to the DLA.

I said I’d […]

Week 11

Here is week 11’s picture:

Week 11

The bit I’m holding in the middle was the invitation I received to Zoë and Adam’s wedding reception which was on Saturday evening.

Alex had an assessment appointment with the local CAMHS office on Tuesday, we had a good chat but […]

Week 10

Another week over:

Week 10

Bit of a blank week, really, but it hasnt felt like it!

I went to Claires on Tuesday and we had a lovely day, we discovered this little shop called The Crochet Chain and everyone (we took Claire’s mum too) spent money in […]