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It’s all over for another year!

So, did you have a good Christmas? I did!

Alex, Jess, Adam and I went back to the Isle of Wight for Christmas. We caught the 6pm ferry from Southampton and stopped off at the pub for dinner with Rachel and RahRah from Isle of Wight Stitch & Bitch, dropped Adam […]

More 365/30

So…….um, yeah – writing a post a day kinda failed there, didn’t it!

Best catchup then – this may become quite a long post!

Christmas Day visits

Nope, the rule is nobody goes out on Christmas Day! I’m going back to the Island on Christmas Eve to spend it with the […]

Days 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of 365/30 Dec 2012

Oops, I’m a bit behind, but I’ve had a busy week! But I’ll tell you about that in another post, let’s get on with this!

New Filofax formats to try next year

That’s easy! I shall be trying these from LimeTreeFruits, she designed them and is offering them as a free […]

Day 3 of 365/30 Dec 2012

For the sharp eyed among you; yes, I am actually a day behind on this 365/30 thing.

I start a blog post when I get up and keep it in draft while I ponder it. I mean to publish it at night before I go to bed, but I forget so […]

Day 2 of 365/30 Dec 2012

It suddenly occurred to me that I ought to change the titles of these posts, as I may well do them every month from now on.

So, today’s questions was:

What superpowers do you wish you had?

Telepathy! I’d love to read minds, but I’m so nosy and […]

Day 1 of 365/30 Dec 2012

So, I decided to take part in the 365/30 again this month, but instead of doing one big post answering all the questions; I’ll do it daily or every few days.

Goals for this month

Firstly, to not run out of money, like I did last month. I […]

November 365/30

So, I’ve heard about this thing called 365/30.

Basically, someone posts a list of questions and you answer them – you can answer a question a day, all in one go, however you want, you can write the list on your blog, in your filo, keep it private or share it.