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400g Northern Lights FINISHED!!
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Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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Isn’t it amazing how quickly everything changes and people too. One day you think everything is ok then the world explodes or something.

People who you thought were one thing suddenly become something else and that change screws up so many people and their lives… ripples in a pond.

I’ve lost a few people who […]

Week 33

Week 33

Week 33 has been reasonably quiet.

I got home from Jack Up The 8o’s quite late on Sunday evening. I was shattered, sore and sunbunrt!

I spent Monday just resting – I didn’t have much choice as my knees were agony and I could barely bend […]

Week 28

This weeks picture:

Week 28

Ok, so on Sunday it was a day for celebration. My friends Karen & Tony celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary, my son Matt’s girlfriend turned 18 and my dreads turned 2!!

It was also the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final and for the first […]


I feel a bit pathetic really asking for hugs when some of you are dealing with cancer, death and other things worse than me.

But, I need to whinge a bit.

You may or may not know I got diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel) a few weeks ago […]

Panic Attacks

I went to a new Stitch & Bitch tonight. New as in new to me. It was an established group.

First of all, Mum came to visit today – I picked her up, we visited Wickes, had a quick look round Romsey and then I bought her back here.


Got a call this morning – the ‘landlord has decided to go with the other viewers’

Considering that she didn’t even have an application form for me to sign; I get the feeling she was wasting my time on Saturday.

I am gutted beyond belief!

Chinese food […]

Be warned!

imagine you’ve just split from your boyfriend, you’re depressed and a bit unsure on how to fill your time.

A mutual friend says “I have an Xbox I don’t use; you can have it”

He brings the Xbox around. Four months later you send him a private message on […]

This is gonna be a long one……

Where do I start….?

First of all, I have quit caffeine. Now, anyone who knows me knows that this is a big thing – I drink a lot of tea! I’m now drinking Rebush tea instead. At first, I thought it was a bit ugh as it smells slightly funky, but […]

Frustration and Impatience

I am my own worst enemy! Well, anyone who knows me well knows that!

I have no patience at all. If I want something; I want it right now! If I can’t do something, I get absolutely furious with myself and shout at everyone!

I get frustrated so easily too, which I guess ties it […]


This weekend is Wonderwool!

I am very excited about this. The last fibre festival I went to was Fibrefest and I had a blast! Fibrefest was also where I met Helen for the first time and we’ve become firm friends since then!

Well, this weekend I am staying with Helen and we’ll drive to Wales […]