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Week 13

Here is this weeks pic:

I saw a doctor on Thursday; I’m suffering from restless legs (“do stretches & drink more water”), sleeping propped on sofa due to my back (“that’s fine, the French used to sleep sat up”), panic attacks (“you have a lot going on right now”) and […]

Week 12

Oops, a day or so late, but here’s Week 12:

Week 12

On Monday, I called the letting agent to report we had a fence panel coming down. I gave Isis a haircut and discovered she was in season and I wrote to the DLA.

I said I’d […]

Hair Dilemma

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not contemplating getting rid of the dreads, but I am thinking about dyeing them again.


As my roots grow through, it’s becoming very evident that I have a LOT of grey silver in there!

I’d like to let the grey […]

As bright as a bright thing

So a few days ago, I decided I was going to dye my hair!

It’s all Zaz’s fault really; she’s a woman with long dreadlocks from a website called Dreadlock Truth. Her locks are waist length and – due to her fascination with mermaids – she recently dyed her hair green. It looks A-MAZ-ING!

I […]

I felted a bucket and Fibreholics again!

A while ago, I decided to spin up all the samples I got from the Fibreholics and Phat Fiber boxes last year into one long single, then I spun up the fibre that I dyed months ago. I plied the dyed fibre with the single of samples until I got the yarn I mentioned in […]

Frustration and Impatience

I am my own worst enemy! Well, anyone who knows me well knows that!

I have no patience at all. If I want something; I want it right now! If I can’t do something, I get absolutely furious with myself and shout at everyone!

I get frustrated so easily too, which I guess ties it […]

A painful few days & A New Beginning

On Thursday I came down with a migraine. It was quite a bad one and I, stupidly, ate dinner after taking a pain killer.

Dinner added nausea and a general feeling of bleurgh to the whole migraine experience.

On Friday I felt absolutely awful and I actually spent the entire day lying on the sofa […]

My first attempt

A few weeks ago, we went to the New Forest, on the way home we went to Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Wingham Wool was there. I bought loads of cashmere and some dye.

Because I don’t want to wreck my cashmere, I thought I’d experiment with some English Wool Blend first that Karen gave […]