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Week 28

This weeks picture:

Week 28

Ok, so on Sunday it was a day for celebration. My friends Karen & Tony celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary, my son Matt’s girlfriend turned 18 and my dreads turned 2!!

It was also the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final and for the first […]

Oh dear….

It appears I’ve been a bit slack with the updating of my blog.

I was just sorting out my Photobucket account and I realised I haven’t posted anything since Week 15!

So, let’s start with Week 16!!

Week 16

On the Sunday, I bleached J’s hair, then she […]

Weeks 14 & 15

Not quite sure what happened to last weeks post, so I’ll squish two in together!

Week 14’s pic:

Week 14

On Sunday, I went to visit Rosanne and return some books she’s loaned me.

On Tuesday, I went to Test Valley council and bought a RADAR […]

Week 13

Here is this weeks pic:

I saw a doctor on Thursday; I’m suffering from restless legs (“do stretches & drink more water”), sleeping propped on sofa due to my back (“that’s fine, the French used to sleep sat up”), panic attacks (“you have a lot going on right now”) and […]

Week 12

Oops, a day or so late, but here’s Week 12:

Week 12

On Monday, I called the letting agent to report we had a fence panel coming down. I gave Isis a haircut and discovered she was in season and I wrote to the DLA.

I said I’d […]

Hair Dilemma

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not contemplating getting rid of the dreads, but I am thinking about dyeing them again.


As my roots grow through, it’s becoming very evident that I have a LOT of grey silver in there!

I’d like to let the grey […]

More Weeks!

Tut, the whole idea of me doing these weekly photos was to encourage me to blog weekly too!

I keep forgetting and getting distracted – sorry!

So, more catch-up!

Week 8

Erm….I hope you can see that the correct way up! It’s sideways here!

Nine months!

Nine Months

My dreadlocks are now nine months old. I got Jess to take some pictures of them today and I’m shocked at how good they are looking!

The first week or so after extending it drove me mad as Alex’s hair is quite different from mine and I had […]


Short locs

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting dreadlock extentions for a while – as you can see my locs have shrunk loads since I started this journey 8 months ago!

I haven’t had hair this short for years and I was starting to miss having long hair, […]

A Big Change

Alex recently decided he was going to join army cadets and later; join the army.

We went along to cadets on Thursday night and watched them all do PT. I was pretty bored (it was just a bunch of teens running around a hall really LOL) but Alex was inspired and […]