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Summer Holiday Part 2

Friday 11th May

We headed North again – the drive has been lovely for the most part. But around lunchtime, I noticed a faint juddering in the engine.

As it has been very wet, I thought it was possible the engine had some water in it and kept driving.

Summer Holiday!

My mum and I have gone away for a month in our campervan – our destination?


I’ll update every few days if possible.



Sunday 6th May We were booked on the 11.15am out of Lymington as we’d decided to visit the New Forest on our way. We arrived in Lymington in time […]

The Good, The Bad and Wonderwool Wales!

Last weekend was Wonderwool!

I left here on Thursday to go to Claire’s. I stayed in the camper outside hers on Thursday night and we left for Wales the next day.

It was about five hours of driving to get us there and because we were helping out on […]

Future plans

Our holiday this year is going to be in the UK – there’s so much here we haven’t seen/experienced.

We’re planning to go away for about a month, drive oop norf over the course of a week, then spend a few weeks in Scotland then spend a week driving back down […]

Oh dear….

So I woke up this morning….in absolute agony! It’s either because of yesterday or because I sleep flat – I’m wondering if I need to sleep more propped up….

Mum came round yesterday and said the tax on the van is due to expire at the end of this month. She was concerned as we […]

Today I……

………..have bought Christmas presents on, made purchases and left feedback on eBay, sent a paypal payment, booked ferry tickets and done the usual Twitter/Facebook/surfing Ravelry all on my iPad!!

Surfing has been quick – not sure if that’s because it’s off my wifi or not. I’m waiting for my sim card to arrive from […]

Lots of this and a bit of that!

I’ve been so busy! I’ll try and squeeze everything in this post – so be warned; it’s going to be long! We finally got around to testing out the camper! Mum, Jess, Alex and I stayed at a campsite in the New Forest. It was a very basic site and we didn’t opt for an […]

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, it’s the computer’s fault! I bought a swanky keyboard to go with my new Mac, it had an inbuilt trackball and lots of programmable buttons and it looked great. When it arrived it turned out that although it worked….kinda….it wasn’t actually compatible with OS X and I […]

Here I come, ready or not!

Mum and I went for a wander around town yesterday. Eventually, we ended up at the campervan dealership – we end up there a lot! We found the most adorable camper! It’s only a 2 berth, but it has a shower & toilet, a fridge and a cooker! Which is all we really need because […]