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Socks, spinning, Unravel & a milestone

So, let’s see.

I finished my D socks, I did the Double Basket Socks from Little Box of Socks in some really bright yarn that came from Natalie (aka The Yarn Yard).

I really like them (even though I don’t normally go for orange); they’re bright and I smile whenever I look at them!

I’ve […]

Hmmmm, I’ve been quite quiet lately, I haven’t posted since the 12th.

OK, so since then I have celebrated my 35th birthday, remembered my dad who died 3 years ago on the same day – it was doubly hard this year as my birthday was also father’s day.

I also did a lot of discount […]

A Landmark in History, A Handspun Clapotis & New Lace!

On Friday, my son turned 18! Wow! 18 years old – that’s incredible! I’m now the mother of an adult! It’s actually a very scary thing, being the parent of an adult. You don’t stop worrying, they’re still your baby and your life still revolves around them. Nothing really changes, except he’s now legally old […]

In other news…

So, as you all know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. You didn’t know? Is that why you didn’t send me a card?


Well, people on Ravelry came to my rescue, look at all the stuff I received!

I also placed an order with Alison for […]

A Day in London

As you can see from my Bittersweet post, yesterday was my birthday.

As a birthday present, my mum took me to London to see The War of The Worlds musical at The o2 arena.

We got up early and caught the 9am ferry to Portsmouth, we drove to London. I missed the turning for teh […]


Yesterday – June 20th – was my birthday. I turned 34.

It’s also the anniversary of my father’s death.

He died in 2007 from pancreas cancer and I miss him greatly.


Sweet Sixteen

Today my second son, Matt, turned 16.

I can’t believe I now have two children who are technically old enough to leave home!

Very mixed feelings about this.

Have a look at this:

It’s a height chart, I started doing it a few years ago as the boys starting shooting up in height […]

This week

Hmmmmmmm, this is probably going to be quite a long post, so be warned!

Phantom of the Opera – loved it! It was amazing! The young man who played the Phantom was Nic Greensheilds and his performance was so inspiring, I was in absolute floods of tears!

On the way to London we stopped at […]

Happy Birthday Alex

Today my baby, Alex, turned 13.

Where has all the time gone? Omigosh, what a clichéd saying LOL

Here’s a pic of Alex – all 5ft 9ins of him wearing the boots he wanted for his birthday, a close up of the boots – yes, they’re New Rocks! There’s also a pic of the chocky […]

Which is better?

Kristen moderates a group on Ravelry that I belong to and she came up with an idea for us each to blog every single day. Sometimes I find it quite hard to think of a subject, then other days there’s LOADS I want to say.

But which is better? Stick it all in one […]