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400g Lace Humbug

400g Northern Lights FINISHED!!
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Winghams Batt FINISHED!!


100g Faux Cashmere FINISHED!!



Mum's Birthday Quilt FINISHED!!
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Hexagon Blanket 84 hexagons
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Socks galore!

Athena ‘Athena’. Pattern by ‘Not An Artist’ which was bought for me by Miss Elle last Christmas. The yarn is ‘Eldritch Voices’ dyed by Wyndwitch. Start Date: 1st January 2011 Finish Date: 8th January 2011 Blackrose


Pattern by Suzi Anvin and is free on KnittyThe yarn is handspun BFL, spun by meeeeeeee!


Oh my god! I finished! I have actually completed the A-Z challenge!

A – Z socks

There were a few moments where I wasn’t actually sure if I would; I got a little bit behind when we went to Italy – especially as one of the pairs was so badly written, I must’ve undone and […]


I didn’t blog at ALL last month.

How remiss of me!

So thiis is going to be another one of those catchup posts where I ramble incoherently LOL. If you read my blog then you’re used to those. If you haven’t been here before; then I’m sorry!

So……let’s start with the socks. I am up […]

Socks! Socks! Socks!

I think I’m obsessed! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knitting all these socks, even though I’ve knit nothing else and done hardly any spinning whatsoever! In fact, I’ve even knit extra socks!

So next year I’m setting myself a challenge and it’s a totally bonkers one! I’m going to follow the theme of four different sock groups […]

I’m sorry…..

I’m sorry I haven’t been here, I’m sorry I haven’t posted.

Things have just been SO hectic!

I’m still furiously knitting away on the A-Z Sock Chellenge – I’m currently working on my R socks and I’ve also managed to knit Claire a pair of plain socks and last week I knit Kai-Mei socks for […]

What I’ve been up to

Hmmmm, it’s been a while – how are you all? First and foremost, let me reassure you that I am going to Woolfest! My gorgeous friend Claire beat Rita and Rosanna to the punch by phoning me and squealing “MEEEEEEEEE!” down the phone at me LOL.

We’ve got it all arranged – we’re going to […]

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted. In some ways loads of stuff has happened, but in other ways it feels like nothing’s happened – ya know?

My friend Debs came over for the day as were attending a talk at Shanklin Theatre by Chris Packham – remember him? He’s the cute one from The […]

Socks, spinning, Unravel & a milestone

So, let’s see.

I finished my D socks, I did the Double Basket Socks from Little Box of Socks in some really bright yarn that came from Natalie (aka The Yarn Yard).

I really like them (even though I don’t normally go for orange); they’re bright and I smile whenever I look at them!

I’ve […]

How my new year started!

Happy 2011!

Did you have a good holiday? Did you get lots of goodies and eat lots of cake?

Did you see the new year in? I was going to be all boring and stay at home as I had had a bad insomnia attack the night before, but Kaz, Ashley & Cara came and […]